Nobody But Me

I always find it interesting when, seemingly out of nowhere, a song from the past suddenly starts appearing in multiple places. A few years back I noticed it was Frankie Valli (which I then figured had something to do with Jersey Boys).

Now the song “Nobody But Me” by the Human Beinz (originally by the Isley Brothers) is the “it” song.

I first heard the song a while back because a DJ I like named Pilooski included his own edit on one of his Dirty Edits mixes. (In what I can only call an awesome coincidence, Pilooski’s remix of “Beggin'” by Franki Valli was part of the reason I said Frankie Valli was suddenly popular last time…)

It wasn’t until The Office did their “lip dub” of the song in the season seven premier that I really noticed the song:

Also, around that time, the radio station I’ve listened to for years, KVI, switched from conservative talk radio to oldies so I started hearing the song on there, too.

But then the real strange thing happened and Nike started airing a commercial called “Throwdown” recently that used the song, as well:

I honestly think that The Office‘s use of the song inspired someone at Nike. It feels a little too serendipitous to me to think that the 2010-2011 television season suddenly realized that what it was missing was the song “Nobody But Me.”

Human Beinz performing the song:

Pilooski edit:
nobody but me (pilooski edit) by Pilooski (official)

The Isley Brothers original version:

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