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Rewatching Iron Man

Some notes:

I’m glad that Terrance Howard was replaced by Don Cheadle. Although it does sort of drive me nuts when a film series replaces actors/actresses. I wonder when we’ll get a deep fake version of the film that swaps out Howard’s face for Cheadle’s.

Tony Stark/Iron Man has really experienced so much growth over the course of the MCU. In this film he starts off as a womanizer, gambler, etc. He’s a totally different person by Infinity War.

The Jericho Missile System reminds me of some of the missile technology that Iron Man shoots from his hands.

I love the Mad Money cameo — seems so apropos for 2008.

One of my favorite things about comic book movies in general is casting really great actors as villains. The MCU kicks this off in Iron Man with Jeff Bridges playing Obadiah and continues throughout the series.

That said, Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man was an especially inspired casting choice. I cannot imagine the film being as successful with another actor.

Neat continuity that Paul Bettany voices Jarvis and becomes Vision. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched Age of Ultron and I’m excited to be watching it again soon.

I sort of forgot about the slight anti-war message of the movie and that a good chunk of it tangentially involved the (still) ongoing war in Afghanistan.

Obadiah/Iron Monger sorta reminds me of Johnny 5 from Short Circuit. (The missile/rocket launcher-thing coming out of his arm/elbow.)

I wish Obadiah survived. One of my favorite parts of Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy was that a character like Scarecrow didn’t die at the end of the first movie and went on to appear in the sequels (albeit in very minor roles — even better!).

This is the only Iron Man movie I am rewatching. Sometime I’ll get around to rewatching the second and third in the series.

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