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I know this is kind of cheeky, but this morning on Dr. Laura a mother called in worried about her child’s recent obsession with death (e.g. “Mommy you’re going to die before me and I’m going to die before my little brother”).

Dr. Laura instructed the woman to tell her child that death is what makes life important and gives it meaning and that if we all lived forever our lives wouldn’t have much meaning.

This sounds pretty true and I agree with it.

So then why are religious folk who I assume would also agree with that statement obsessed with the importance of god’s life/existence and think that it’s so important to do what god wants, follow god’s orders, etc. if god’s life doesn’t have meaning since it’s supposedly immortal? Would you value the opinion of someone whose life you don’t think have value/meaning?

Like I said, I know this train of thought is cheeky and I don’t mean it to be a very serious argument, but it’s just another tiny reason I think religion is so obnoxious.