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25 Things

There is a Facebook meme going around where you are supposed to post 25 random things about you. I guess my list isn’t so random, but whatever. I figured I’d cross-posted it here.

01. i first used the internet in 3rd grade (around 1990) when i was one of the few people in my school to get a chance to use prodigy. i remember their main feature at the time was some NOVA special about sleep.

02. my first online obsession (starting in 1993) was an online game called MUDs (multi-user dungeons/dimensions). imagine world of warcraft without graphics (all text). my favorite MUD was called dark saga.

03. eventually i created my own MUD (and was called a “god”) and that’s where i learned how to do computer programming (in a C-like language). strangely enough, the name of my MUD escapes me. i remember my part of the MUD was called deluge and it always rained there.

04. i’ve come to the realization that i prefer reading critical theory/philosophy more than standard fiction.

05. my favorite writer/philosopher is slavoj zizek. he’s the perfect balance of high culture/low culture for me. i wish i knew about him in college so i could’ve incorporated him into every paper i wrote.

06. my other favorite writer/philosopher is laura kipnis. she’s the perfect mix of freud/marx.

07. one of my favorite books is gravity’s rainbow by thomas pynchon. i read it the summer before college and probably understood only like 5% of what was going on. i want to re-read it but it’s so long and very daunting…

08. i wore glasses until i lost them in a mosh pit at a smashing pumpkins concert. ever since then it’s been contacts for me.

09. i love paintings by rothko (honestly and truthfully) but my favorite visual artist is magritte.

10. i’ve been a “strict” (whatever that means) vegetarian since 2000/2001. i’ve only ate meat once (knowingly) since then and it was when a “vegetarian” housemate of mine put chicken in a dinner. they tried to remove the big pieces but there were still little shreds of chicken. i felt sick for the rest of the night.

11. i try to be vegan as much as possible and it’s my ultimate goal (though i’m making slow progress). i own a bunch of vegan cookbooks and i cook mostly vegan, but i love pizza and delivery pasta too much.

12. i love the television show dallas even though i never watched it before it was on dvd.

13. i did, however, watch the final 3 seasons of knots landing (which was a spin-off of dallas) and that’s why i started watching dallas once the dvds came out.

14. my two favorite film directors are david lynch and wong kar-wai.

15. when mulholland drive came out in theatres, i saw it somewhere around 10 times.

16. by the time i saw 2046 at SIFF (i saw it both nights), i had already watched a bootleg dvd version of it at least 3 times.

17. my favorite drink is captain and coke.

18. i don’t like typical “comedy” movies. i think movies like i heart huckabees and best in show and drop dead gorgeous are hilarious. so i guess i like deadpan/dry/dark humor.

19. likewise, i hate sitcoms. but funny shows i like are arrested development, weeds, 30 rock, the office, drawn together.

20. i pretend to be a DJ meaning i have tons of music (currently 19,948 songs in itunes [and this is after a bunch of “great purges”]) and sometimes make mixes. i haven’t “remixed” anything yet though and i’m really struggling to learn ableton.

21. my “dj name” is who shot JR? which is a reference to dallas (see #12) and my initials.

22. until very recently, the only video games i would ever play were games in the final fantasy series. i’ve started to branch out and now i’m totally loving fallout 3.

23. random things i’ve been obsessed with at one point in my life: star wars, bettlejuice, oingo boingo, the pixies, linux,

24. the magazines i read are: entertainment weekly, wired, mixmag

25. this list was written while i listened to: “happy up here” (boys noize remix) by r√∂yksopp, “your disco needs you” (casino radio mix) by kylie minogue, “there there” (the twelves mix) by radiohead, “love etc.” by pet shop boys, “meddle” (AC slater & dj skeet skeet remix) by little boots.