Wicked Game

You know a song is good when: 1. It was featured prominently in a movie by one of your favorite directors; 2. It was remixed by one of your favorite DJs; 3. It was remixed by another up-and-coming DJ who has been doing awesome work lately. Such is the case with Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game.” The dark and haunting song is undeniably great.

I’m sure I first heard the song on alternative radio back in junior high or something, but it wasn’t until I saw David Lynch’s Wild At Heart that I realized how great the song was. “Wicked Game” plays during a great part of the film as Sailor and Lula drive across the country at night. Sailor is opening up to Lula about his past and we’re treated to total Lynchian flashbacks as well as Lula seeing her mother as the Wicked Witch of the West. The song is perfect for both the eerie drive across the desert as well as uncovering Sailor revealing his dark past and Lula connecting it with her disturbed childhood.

Then of course there is the music video for “Wicked Game” which has been called one of the sexiest videos ever:

(Also worth noting: David Lynch did a Wild At Heart version of the video [it’s on the DVD] that is kind of cool/promotional, as well.)

Then a few years ago I come across a remix of the song by Trentemøller. His “Dubby Games” remix highlights the darkness in the original by adding some cool echoes and reverb.
Chris Isaak _ Wicked Game (Trentemoller Businessman Dubby Games Remix) by elodienelson

And now recently the “up-and-coming” artist Soul Clap comes out with their own remix. Unlike Trentemøller’s darker mix, I feel like Soul Clap highly the dreamy and disco-y aspects of the song. I’ve only had it a couple weeks and I’m already in love.
Wicked Game Edit by Soul Clap

So there we have it — a great song in so many aspects and forms.

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