Frankie Valli

For some reason Frankie Valli seems to be the guy right now.

A while back Pilooski remixed “Beggin'” and spawned this awesome video:

Then I saw that Simian Mobile Disco mentioned his song “The Night” as one of their current faves. And pretty much immediately after I saw that I noticed that Leam or Rosebud had already remixed the song!

And if you check out searches for “valli” on HypeMachine there is quite a bit.

I’ll admit, I think this is awesome. I’ve loved The Four Seasons since I was a little kid. Songs like “Let’s Hang On” and “Sherry” and “Working My Way Back To You” still have more of an emotional effect on me than I would expect.

Let’s hope that we see some more Franki Valli and Four Seasons remixes coming soon.

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