“Out For Blood”

I probably shouldn’t make fun of people who post comments on my site (but as far as I’m concerned, this stupid 206-415 business is a site of it’s own now — I swear that most of the people posting comments didn’t even read my original post… they seem to not understand that the phone number is spoofed and that whoever is at 206-415-9247 is an innocent third-party in this mess, but whatever), but I loved this comment:

My call came in while I was donating blood this morning. I thought it might be my kids so I picked without seeing who it was because I was laying prone with a needle and tube in my arm. 206 415 9247. I gave blood and now I’m out for blood. I’m tired of repeating hello. I also get overseas calls from family and friends and id doesn’t always show up the same. It gives me agita! They’re gonna wish they’d never called this girl, lemme tell ya. I never give up on justice.

(emphasis mine)

Holy shit everyone. Watch out for “SanDiegoGrommet”!!

Oh, and “agita” is “acid indigestion.” Yikes!

2 thoughts on ““Out For Blood””

  1. Your right,this 206 415 …. is big. People post on 4 sites and my 206 thread at antitelemarketer.com gets about ioo hits/day.My blog http://www.anti206.blogspot.com is devoted to shutting down Guardian Communications (309 277 1222) the telemarketer behind these calls. I don’t think (206 415 9247) is spoofed.They get the 206 #’s from Marathon Communications a phone company in Seattle.

  2. this pisses me off. at first i thought it was just a random prank fone call but i am going to get to the bottom of this. i googled for 2064159247 and saw sooooooo many people who have to be pissed off by some retarted mofo’s.. i will find out the story behind what is becoming known as ‘the number’. i guarantee it

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