In case anyone wonders, my phone number is 206-412-xxxx (yes, I am intentionally x’ing it out). Apparently there is someone with the phone number 206-415-xxxx that calls a lot of people… and doesn’t leave messages (i.e. the number shows up on people’s caller IDs).

So for the past few weeks I’ve been getting random phone calls from people (all across the country) calling and telling me that they were returning my call. “Huh?” I ask. “I saw your number on my caller ID… I am returning your call.” “But I didn’t call you…” “Well I have your number on my caller ID…” “What phone number do you have?” “2-0-6-4-1-5-x-x-x-x” “Yeah, that’s not my number. I’m 4-1-2.” “Oh, sorry…”

Seriously — conversations just like that numerous times.

On Tuesday I got a call at 7:30 a.m. (I wake up at 9:30 a.m., so this was quite early). I got a little upset: “Why are you calling me?? I’m 4-1-2!!” “Oh, sorry…” “No, why? How did you mess up the 5 and the 2?? This happens all the time! I want to know what happened?” “Sorry, I’m not sure. Goodbye.”


I honestly feel like I’m in a movie and/or there is some conspiracy trying to make me crazy. I have tried to call this 206-415-xxxx number and it is always busy.

My working theory is that this phone number is hooked up to a modem or fax machine that is constantly calling random numbers… then the people see it on their missed calls list and somehow call me back.

The thing is, if the number is on their caller ID, how are they always messing it up and calling me instead of who really called? I understand that 2 and 5 can look somewhat similar on an LED screen… but still!! Argh. This is driving me insane. So I guess the ultimate evil scheme is working? Grrr….

Update: September 26, 2005:
I am turning comments off. This has become nothing more than a “me too!” fest.

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  1. Man this is wierd. Maybe its a automated machine? Like on the Simpsons episode when Homer gets one and it calls everyone telling them to send him a dollar. That would explain it being busy and leaving messages etc…
    The spots is targets seem random and non sequential. FCC doesnt seem like theyre doing anything, seeing as this blog is 3 years old…. Hmmmm.

  2. I got a call from 206-415-9247 today too..thought i’d google it and got this site. i didn’t expect to see numerous web pages about these numbers, and by people from all over. it’s actually weird that i even googled the number…had many of missed calls in the past but didn’t think twice about looking it up.

  3. I have the same problem, but with a different number. In my case, I figured out that the problem had to do with people pressing call back on their caller IDs. See, when they hit dial on the ID it doesn’t dial correctly unless the ID shows a ‘1’ in front of the number, because without that it dials it like a local call. For example, if your number (minus area code) is 206-4159 and someone dials 206-415-9247 from their ID, it’s going to be dialed as a local call and only the first 7 digits will be used. So, they think they’re dialing 209-415-9247, but they’re really just dialing 206-4159.

  4. This is the most bizarre thing I’ve encountered. I assumed I had a stalker when LTD at 206 415 9369 Kept calling me and saying nothing. Little did I know that this phone number is 1000 miles away in Seattle. I tried to find the source with online lookups but each of them wants a fee. It might be the government trying to tap my phone; Although it may just be a telemarketing company. If it were a company, why wouldn’t they say anything?

  5. I have been getting these calls from Cross FMG at 206-415-9395 ever since I tried to get service from Direct TV. It’s all day and on the weekends and it is a pain in the ass.

  6. I received this call, who claimed they were Grande Communications, my cable provider. They said they had a special for HBO, for the amazing price. Well, I called my cable provider which said they never have any other company call for them. The companies my was Evergreen, with the phone number (206) 415-9365 and (386) 782-1892. Beware of this call.

  7. On a telephone (2/5) or a ten key adding machine (5/2) it is easy enough to substitute 5 and 2 if you’re not looking at the # pad. Don’t know if anyone else caught this as I did not have time to read all the resposes. Have to get back to my 10 key adding machine. Obviosly they got me, too. Where is area code 206. RPW

  8. 206-415-9247 Calling & Calling My Cell Phone, It Has Been Going On For Weeks…. So I Pressed One And Got A Person….. A Rude Person.
    When I Asked Who Was Calling Me I Was Informed That No One Made Press One. I Then Asked To Be Taken off The List… However, Do Not Think She Heard Me As She Hung Up On Me. Does Anyone Have The Corp. Phone Number For These Jokers????

  9. I got 206-415-9247 today and I live in Northern California…I was on my work line so I didn’t answer, so I googled the number. Not many people have my cell, so I am suspicious when a random number comes up.

    I had another suspicious call a few days ago, but it was from my own area code, with a similar # to mine 831-419-xxxx.

    I’ll contact the FCC too, if this continues.

  10. Well, I got a call today from 1-206-415-9147 too!! I have no clue who it was but I was in school so I didnt get to answer it. They didn’t leave a message though but when I tried calling it back it’s just busy all the time.. I hate gettin random calls from the numbers that I don’t know but I am really insecured why does this number keeps calling everyone? Who are they and what do they want? This is really weird and creepy that’s why I looked it up on the internet and I’m surprised that everyone else have the same problem as me.. I even tried to call my friend who has the same area code (coz she’s from Seattle) if she knows someone with that number but she doesn’t.. By the way I’m from Southern California.. Well I hope whoever [1-206-415-9247] this is would stop calling us!

    take care everyone!

  11. I’ve received multiple calls from 206-415-9247 – nights, weekends, and just now early Tuesday morning. Only once was a message left, and it sounded like someone eating peanuts – lasted for about ten seconds.

    By the way, I’m in West Palm Beach, FL, and it’s my cell phone that they are calling.

    I’ve recently signed up with a few job search websites, and was wondering if that’s how I got on this list. Has anyone else signed up with a job search website recently? If so, please post which ones, and we can compare notes.

  12. I’ve also been receiving calls from 206-415-9395 that are coming up as Cross FMG. They started about a week ago and always during the day when I am not home. However, they called last evening at 7ish and when DH answered, there was nothing on the other end for several minutes until he got the crazy beeping and then the recording saying “if you would like to make a call, please hang up and try again”.

    Thanks for this blog. I was going out of my mind trying to figure out WTH these idiots were.

  13. I receive calls from 206-415-8547 which seem to mirror what most of the people here are dealing with. I have a way to impart discomfort back to this imbecile. On my home phone, which I rarely use, I have a answer machine that is setup to answer the phone on the second ring and then it plays a 2 and a half minute long message of nothing but scratching and tapping noises. I only use my home phone between 6 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. and they NEVER call during those hours. The calls normally occur after midnight or while I am away. To keep from disturbing me the answer machine is the ONLY thing plugged into the phone line except from 6 to 9:30 so they always get that long, tapping…scratchy noise message and they always hang up and I am never bothered by them. Just a suggestion which is cheaper than paying to change your phone number. For cell phone problems just call and have your provider change your number. I’ve done it twice for other reasons and never cost me a thing with T-Mobile. Good luck all.

  14. Hi Dave, i did sign for careerbuilder in MSN and a day after i also got this 206 number…. it is also always busy! It did left a 3 sec voice massage that sounded like someone barfing in the water (excuse my french). Anyway its really really annoying.

  15. Just wanted to add my story also. Got a call this afternoon to my Sprint PCS phone. 206-415-9247. Did a quick search and of course found lots of postings/blogs about the number and the alleged company behind it… Guardian Communications. I live in Texas and did send an online complaint to the Attorney General’s Office. Hopefully it will do some good. I see this as a critical opportunity to set a precedent that will keep other companies from making similar unsolicited calls to cell phones in the future. FYI, I’m also a TV news reporter, and I’m considering a story on this number depending on how widespread of a problem it becomes. Bart in Corpus Christi.

  16. Bart, Believe me the problem is widespread.Check out my blog http://www.anti206.blogspot.com or my 206 278 8940 thread at antitelemarketer.com. I’ve been trying to get somebody to do a story for months. This problem needs national attention and a story posted on the internet would help people when they google the number. If you need any info or contacts, PM me at antitelemarketer.com. 206 415 9247 is just the tip of the iceburg.

  17. I also received a call from 206-415-9365 last night. My Caller ID said “Evergreen”. When Calling back it said Evergreen sales & marketing and to press 1 to be added to the calling list. I have been getting these calls for the last week. I have been registered on the DO Not Call list for about a year now and they keep calling. I will be contacting the FCC.

  18. i get the same thing all the time from cross fmg.. 206-415-9395 i live in jax. fl i hate it!!! i get it on my cell phone too.. from miami.. its some crazy spanish recording when you call it back 786-264-6272 theres a website when you look up the number and its some anti circumsion site.. from finland.. wierd..

  19. Well, I just recieved the infamous call from 206-415-9247. I’m in Burbank, CA. I can’t believe they’ve been doing this for almost two months (the first posting with this phone number is dated July 26)! Has anyone complained to the FCC about this number yet? I’m going to sign up for the do not call list, then I’ll register a complaint if they call again.

  20. 206 415 9395, @ least 3 times a day for the past week. Never any one on the other end & when I call back it just rings for ever. Last month it was an area code out of Vegas that called me 3 to 5 times a day for month. Unfortunately there is no way on the cell phone to block these numbers once they start calling, ARGH!

  21. just to let you all know i just got off the phone with the 206 415 9395 number.. they are “the jones boys” they are trying to sell newspapers.. (times union) that sort of thing.. there main company is cross fmg out of seattle.. and they have companies out of las vegas and so forth.. they do have connection problems since they go through computers.. just be polite (i notice i get further with people when im real nice ) and ask to be placed on there do not call list it may take up to 72 hours.. wooohoo mystery solved!!!!

  22. mm,
    thanks for the info. I only wish when I got the calls that there was a voice on the other end to be nice to.

  23. I got a call from 786-264-6272 on my Boston cell phone, but they did not leave a message. I googled the number, which I like to do if I dont’ recognize it, and ended up on this site. I called the number back and it is a recording in Spanish saying congrats, I had won a prize and to press 9 to speak with a representative. I did, and a man answered but I could not understand what he said. I spoke to him in English and he sat silent on the line, with some spanish music playing in the background. VERY WEIRD.

  24. I called the number 786-264-6272 because it rang only once on my cellphone. Not wanting to use my pre-paid T-Mobile minutes, I called back from my home phone. I heard the message in Spanish, claiming I had won a prize and press ‘9’ to talk to a rep. I had to call back three times before I got connected.

    The man asked me immediately for my name. I told him I got a call on my cell phone and I am returning the call. He congratulated me for winning a Vacation Promotion and asked for my name again. I told him I did not know who they were and did not want any calls to my cellphone.

    He said he did not call me, it was an auto dailer. This seemed to make some kind of difference to him, but not to me. Spam calls are worse than Spam mail since it costs me minutes = cash dollars. I told him to take my name off the list and he said he would forward the message.

    Let’s hope that is the end of that.

  25. I just recieved a call from the number (206) 415-9247 of Seattle, WA. A google search showed that this number was a payphone… so that’s weird. I’m from Decatur, GA. So… yeah, weird.

  26. I live in Arizona and have been receiveng phone calls from F Cross-phone #206-415-9395 3 to 4 times a week for approximately one month.I have tried do not call lists but have had no success.I will be calling my attorney and after speaking with him will probably be calling the FCC and telling them I intend to file an appropriate action based on my attorneys recommendations.We do not have to put up with this B.S. and I intend to go legal—–good luck everybody.

  27. I just got call on my cell from 786-264-6272 and I found this site thru Google. I’ve never recieved an unsolited call on my cell phone so I’m a bit unhappy that this happend. Has anyone had any success in getting this to stop?

  28. (206) 415-9395. Looks like they get around! Called me in CA (Bay Area), called Hobbs in AZ, called mm in FL… Gotta love these telemarketing ***holes. If it helps your case, Hobbs, feel free to contact me. We’ve received several hang-up calls from the morons behind this number.

  29. HAS GOOGLE BEEN HACKED??? I received a call from 786-264-6272. This was to my mobile phone. The caller (automatic or not) did not leave a message and I didn’t even hear my phone ring. I ‘googled” the number finding this website.

    Until recently, I have kept my mobile phone number in strict confidence. This is very coincindental that I received an unsolicited call to my mobile phone the day after I provided it on a Google form to setup a Gmail Account — receiving a text message for confirmation.

    Like I said, it was in strict confidence until recently. This Google form for Gmail was the only thing for which I had released it.

  30. shit. weird. me too, on cell which no one knows about (really), phising I guess.

    p.s. I live in Visalia, CA

  31. I got a call from 786-264-6278 & 786-264-6272 on my cell phones. I answered but they hung up.

    Anyone else find out information about the company behind these numbers?

    I live in Fresno,CA

  32. Googled the phone# and ended up here.
    Got a call from 768.264.6272 on Saturday Sept. 24th. Answered but no-one there. I’m in NH. My daughter got a call from a similar# (same area code and prefix) around a half an hour later, again with someone speaking Spanish.

  33. I am from Tampa Fl, and i got a similar call from the no. 786-264-6272 ( the same no. which mmm from Jax , Fl, has been getting calls from) a few min back. i googled to find out which stae the call is from anf was led to this website. i havent calle dthem back nor do i intend to.

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