Missing Miss Ellie

Barbara Bel Geddes as Miss Ellie
Yesterday, Barbara Bel Geddes, who plays Miss Ellie on Dallas died. I find this sad for a few reasons.

First (and this could be a happy reason?), Dallas season 3 just came out on Tuesday. It is kinda cool that she survived to see season 3, but sad at the same time that people will be reminded of how great of an actress and character she played, she is no longer with us.

Second, she is probably one of the strongest characters on the show. In one of the early episodes of season 1 or 2 she has a discussion with Pam or Sue Ellen (I honestly cannot remember which one…) about infidelity. Miss Ellie admits that her husband, Jock, had cheated on her on occasion and whenever she did, she slapped him with a belt or something to set him straight. It’s hard to really express the spirit of the scene without watching it again, but I just remember being really moved by her strength and refusal to put up with shit from her husband.

Miss Ellie, mother of the notorious J.R. and totally likable Bobby, was a great mother and stopped at nothing to keep her family together. Whenever the brothers had issues with their wives (which was quite often), Miss Ellie almost always took the side of the woman (she was a great defender of both Pam and Sue Ellen), while at the same time slowly trying to show her sons how great their wives were.

A true matriarch and she will be missed.

Finally, I must note that I, of course, started watching Dallas season 3 yesterday and am, of course, loving it. I’ll try to post some thoughts as the season progresses.

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