April 2014 Chart

Power of Myth
Somehow I only ended up with 9 amazing tracks for April — but not to fear, I always focus on quality over quantity. If there is anything to be disappointed about in this chart it’s that there are so many familiar names — artists and remixers who frequently show up on my lists: Nancy Whang, Pharrell Williams, Kylie Minogue, Bloody Beetroots, Galantis, Copycat. But I can’t help it. Especially with Pharrell — I’m seriously considering upgrading “Marilyn Monroe” to a 5-star song! (PS: Sorry about the lack of redesign… still trying to figure out the best look and feel!)

Artist Song Name Remixer YouTube
Nancy Whang & Audiojack Like an Eagle extended version
Nancy Whang has a new song? Of course you’ll find it here!
Bobmo It Is Happening Again
Samples the Giant saying, “It is happening again” from Twin Peaks!
Dillon A Matter of Time
Pharrell Williams Marilyn Monroe
Like I said: this could be a 5-star song soon…
Kylie Minogue Into The Blue Vanilla Ace Remix
The White Lamp Ride With You ItaloJohnson remix
The Bloody Beetroots The Beat Bottai remix
Galantis The Heart That I’m Hearing

March 2014 Chart

Minnesota Winter Storm
Of course just in time for me to fly to Minnesota to visit my family there is a winter storm. How about my March 2014 chart to get me through it? A lot of songs again and a couple of them are almost 5-star songs (Tensnake’s “Love Sublime” and Le Youth’s “Dance With Me”). Stay warm, stay snow-free, and enjoy! (Oh yeah, and this is the second month of me trying a new format… it’s still not final…)

Artist Song Name Remixer YouTube
Holy Ghost! Bridge & Tunnel Prins Thomas Diskomiks
youngTEE The Way You Kiss
MEN Be Like This
They played this when Aurea, Troy, and I saw them at Chop Suey. It’s from their first album but somehow I missed it. High energy and really fun!
Tensnake Love Sublime Duke Dumont remix
Wow wow wow! This song blows me away — and especially this remix. I love the repetitive “are you drawn to me?” at the beginning. This song feels epic.
Booka Shade Perfect Time
Pharrell Williams Gust Of Wind
Daft Punk showed up on Pharrell’s solo album!
Chela Zero Nick Lynar Remix
Syn Cole Miami 82 (Feat. Madame Buttons)
This is kinda cheesy and very c89.5, but it got stuck in my head so…
Franskild Clockworks
Night Drive Drones Bit Funk remix
Copycat Can You Feel It
Copycat is becoming one of those DJs who is starting to show up on nearly every chart…
DyE She’s Bad Joakim Refix
Escort Cabaret Little Boots remix
Le Youth Dance With Me extended mix
I’m so in love with this song. It samples TLC’s “No Scrubs.” Sort of reminds me of a more poppy Flume.
Nacho Lovers Go On

February 2014 Chart

Fake Nebula
I’m (slowly) working on redesigning my blog so excuse the strange formatting for a bit. The image above was a “fake nebula” that I made as part of my playing around with Photoshop. (I’m trying to figure out what I want my main image to be, etc.). As for this month’s chart, there’s a lot of good stuff!! It was tough narrowing it down a bit, but here it is. Bonus: All of the songs are currently on SoundCloud, so be sure to check out the playlist. A good number also have videos on YouTube, too.

Artist Song Name Remixer YouTube
Daniel Avery Knowing We’ll Be Here
fell in love with this song when I heard Shit Robot play it during a DJ set
Phantogram Fall In Love
Annie Russian Kiss (feat. Bjarne Melgaard)
with so many remixes it was tough going with the original! Perhaps a remix will appear next month…
Arcade Fire We Exist Night Drive Edit
Atella The Monster Xinobi remix
Bo Saris The Addict Todd Edwards Remix
Broken Bells After the Disco
Empire of the Sun Celebrate Tommy Trash club mix
Foss Time for Pleasure
Freeform Five Leviathan (feat. Róisín Murphy)
The Presets Goodbye Future
Rayko Rusos Theme Pete Herbert dub
Thievery Corporation Depth Of My Soul (feat. Shana Halligan)
Joris Voorn Ringo

January 2014 Chart

12th Man
I get the impression that lots of people are excited for some big game today? My city, Seattle, seems especially crazy. So here’s my (only) contribution to the Super Bowl/Seahawks excitement: A new chart! (Though if I can offer another Super Bowl-related thing, I highly recommend the Frontline documentary League of Denial: The NFL’s Concussion Crisis.) This chart is unique in that it features two songs by the same artist (a first) and marks the first time a song I remixed/edited is on the chart (my first time making a “megamix” by mixing various remixes of the same song). Enjoy! (And go Seahawks!!) Bonus: I’m also trying out a new format for this chart. Consider this a beta version. I’m working on automating the creation of these posts based on my iTunes playlists files. But first I want to get the right look for the chart… (and I know the current version needs work — it’s a rough draft!).

Artist Song Name Remixer YouTube Notes
Beyoncé ***Flawless (Feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie) official music video my favorite of the two Beyoncé songs
Rudimental Feel The Love (Feat. John Newman) official music video
Beyoncé Drunk In Love (Feat. Jay-Z) official music video
Galantis Smile official music video Christian Karlsson of Miike Snow and Linus Eklow aka Style Of Eye
John Newman Love Me Again official music video also sings on aforementioned “Feel the Love”
Lady Gaga Do What U Want (feat. Christina Aguilera) live performance from The Voice
Emeli Sandé Next To Me official music video
Nina Kraviz Ghetto Kraviz Steve Rachmad’s Jack mix
Georgi Kay Ipswitch live from Rough Trade fell in love with this song which is featured in the amazing miniseries Top of the Lake
Daft Punk Get Lucky Who Shot Jr? megamix my first megamix!
Katy Perry Dark Horse Manhattan Clique Remix
Boys Noize Got It Blood Diamonds remix
Black Devil Disco Club Dangerous Mixture

Year 2013 Chart Redo

the rural juror
In honor of me starting jury duty (or, rather, potentially being selected to be on a jury), I’m revisiting something I did the first year I did these music charts: taking one song from each month and replacing the version I choose for the chart with a different version or remix. Believe it or not, my fans, sometimes I don’t get things exactly right the first time. (Though apparently I didn’t post them the first time around… maybe I will someday…). Here’s what I came up with for 2013:


Boys Noize – Ich R U (Jacques Lu Cont remix) Ich R U (D.I.M. remix)
I do love me some Jacques lu Cont, but this remix is pretty harsh. I like the softer, more shiny approach that D.I.M. takes. To be honest, I had to check a few times to make sure I didn’t have the remixes transposted. The Jacques lu Cont (who is famous for Madonna’s Confessions on the Dancefloor) remix sounds much more like a D.I.M. remix, and vice-versa. Oh well!


Tame Impala – Be Above It (Light Year’s ‘Get Above It’ 909 Edit) Be Above It (Erol Alkan Rework)
I like this version so much I even included it on my November 2013 chart!


Kasper Bjørke – Deep Is the Breath (Hannulelauri Male mix) Deep is the Breath (original mix)
A rare case where I like the original better! I think the Hannulelauri remix waters it down a bit.


Ali Love – Emperor (feat. Kali) Emperor (Maceo Plex Last disco remix)
This is exactly why I love making this list. When I first heard the song the remixes hadn’t come out. I expected to find a remix that opened up the song a bit more, and here we are!


Rex the Dog – Do You Feel What I Feel (Rex the Dog Pratersauna remix) Do You Feel What I Feel (Jacques Renault vocal remix)
Original I gravitated to the Rex the Dog remix because I’ve always loved the remixes he’s done. That said, and although I included it on my chart, I didn’t really really love the song the way I expected to. This Jacques Renault remix keeps the song from being a little too Rex the Dog-ish and rounds it out.


Toys – Noise Noise (Sayem Remix)
This was the most difficult. I actually love every version of every song I picked for my June chart! So here’s an interesting remix of the Toys song Noise.


Telonius – Hit Me Hit Me (Cassian remix)
Another case of “I didn’t know all of the remixes out there.” This Cassian remix is much more interesting.


Quentin Quatro – Disco Quatro (Psychemagik remix) Disco Quatro (Space Coast remix)
To be honest, I’d get a little annoyed everytime the Pyschemagik remix came on… it’s just a little too slow and relaxed. I like this Space Coast version that amps it up a bit.


Clubfeet – Edge of Extremes (French Horn Rebellion remix) Edge of Extremes (Munk remix)
I almost went with the Munk mix of this song when I initially did the chart in September but decided to opt for the most strange/interesting French Horn Rebellion remix. Now I get a change to include the more housed-out Munk version.


Telonius – I Make You Man I Make You Man (Suburban Dance Club remix)
Ohhh Telonius!! You’ve done it again! Just like July, here’s another instance of just not knowing all of the mixes. This time, though, like back in February, I included the new remix in my December 2013 chart.


Blamma! Blamma! – Zsa Zsa (feat. Kristina Train) Zsa Zsa (Wolf + Lamb remix)
This one is difficult for a couple reasons: First, I pretty much love this remix equally with the original (but the remix adds some interesting stuff to it) And second: I haven’t had as much time to second-guess all of the choices on this chart (see also: below). So enjoy both equally.


The Deadstock 33’s – The Circular Path (Luke Solomon remix) The Circular Path (Asphodells remix)
Like November, it was difficult to really come up with a different version of a chart that I’ve only had a few weeks listening to regularly. So like September, I’m going with another remix that I almost went with. This Asphodells remix feels warmer than the Luke Solomon take.

December 2013 Chart

saturns polar vortex
Time for my December 2013 chart! It’s slightly inspired by some end-of-year lists (specifically, I found out about Jai Paul’s “Str8 Outta Mumbai” and Sophie’s “Bipp” from Pitchfork), but also has a few songs that have been around a while and another remix of a Donna Summer classic (I seem to include her often…). Bonus: Pictured above is another polar votex in the solar system — not the super cold one covering most of the U.S. right now but the hexagonal shape at the southern pole of Saturn! It’s a mystery of the solar system due to the shape. Bonus 2: Trying out a new format for this month’s chart — below is a list of each song including a link to hear it and at the bottom is a Soundcloud playlist.

  • Austra – The Beat and the Pulse [Soundcloud]
  • Flume & Chet Faker – Drop the Game [Soundcloud]
  • The Boy & Sister Alma – Lizard Eyes (A Copycat remix) [Soundcloud]
  • Felix Cartal – New Scene (Lucky Date x Felix Cartal remix) [Soundcloud]
  • The Flavr Blue – The City is Watching [Soundcloud]
  • Julie Ruin – I Wanna Know What Love Is [YouTube]
  • Misteur Valaire – Don’t Get Là (C2C remix) [Soundcloud]
  • Jai Paul – Str8 Outta Mumbai (aka Track 2) [Soundcloud]
  • The Deadstock 33’s – The Circular Path (Luke Solomon remix) [Soundcloud]
  • Sophie – Bipp [Soundcloud]
  • Telonius – I Make You Man (Suburban Dance Club remix) [Soundcloud]
  • Thief – Broken Boy (DC’s Manic Computer Remix) [Soundcloud]
  • Donna Summer – MacArthur Park (Rosabel’s mixshow) [Soundcloud]
  • Major Lazer – Original Don [Soundcloud]

Year 2013 in Music

2013 in music
For me, 2013 was a great year for music. We had some major releases by big artists, I managed to do a chart every month of the year (I’ve only done it in 2010 as well), and I got really into music from the year 1968 for a while. This isn’t a “best of” or “most important” releases list. It’s a list of my favorite songs from the last year. Sure, it has “Get Lucky” like nearly every other list, but it also has Annie’s “Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts” which I haven’t seen anywhere else. Instead of embedding the SoundCloud links (since SoundCloud embeds take a long time to load and sometimes disappear), I made a YouTube playlist of my favorite songs. Enjoy! And post comments and let me know what I missed…


  1. Daft Punk – Random Access Memories. If for no other reason, this album belongs in #1 because of all the hype and the fever-pitch excitement that turned this album into an “experience.” When snippets of “Get Lucky” were released via commercials during Saturday Night Live last spring (check out those early SNL ads!), fans pieces and tried to assemble what they thought the song (which became “Get Lucky”) would sound like — and they were pretty close!. Then there was the awesome The Collaborators project which entailed interviews from musicians involved with the album. And finally, there was the ironic aspect that, to quote Todd Edwards, “It took robots to bring soul back to music.”
  2. Arcade Fire – Reflektor. If musicians are lucky, they get to a point where they release an album that sort of catapults them to the next level. Recent examples for me are Ladytron’s The Witching Hour, Cut Copy’s In Ghost Colors, and Justin Timberlake’s FutureSex/LoveSounds. The album transcends everything done before and gives you a totally new perspective of them as artists. Sure, we all knew Arcade Fire was a great band (when they performed their song “Rebellion (Lies)” at Coachella in 2005 I think we all knew they were amazing), but Reflektor really upped the ante for me. James Murphy’s disco-y production added both fun and darkness to the album. I love it.
  3. Lady Gaga – Artpop. I wasn’t a huge fan of Lady Gaga’s previous effort, Born This Way. Sure, the message was great and Röyksopp did an amazing remix of “Judas,” but it just didn’t pull me in. Artpop, on the other hand, I love. The title song “ARTPOP” reminds me my first favorite Lady Gaga song “Bad Romance.” She combines the weird with poppy like nobody else recently. I also love to imagine that somehow hanging out with modern artists like Jeff Koons and Marina Abramovic somehow influenced the album. (Check out Lady Gaga gushing about Abramovic’s limitless!)
  4. The Weeknd – Kiss Land. I love this new style of slowed-down, supper trippy hip-hop/R&B. This is an album that’s so dark and smokey it’s perfect for night time. I wasn’t a huge fan of The Weeknd’s previous mixtapes so I was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved the album.
  5. Kanye West – Yeezus. I can’t explain what I love about this album so I won’t even try. Kanye West is so weird and interesting — I love it. He’s got amazing production skills (remember, he started out as one of Jay-Z’s producers), and it shines again on Yeezus. Bonus: Check out art critic Jerry Saltz’s take on Kanye’s video for “Bound 2” and Saltz’s concept of “The New Uncanny.”
  6. Telonius – Inter Face. “Wait, who is this Telonius you have here and why haven’t I heard of it before?” you may be asking yourself. Well, Telonius is German, on the Gomma record label (based in Germany), and songs of his were on a third of my charts for 2013 (“Hit Me” from July, “I Make You Man” from October, “Last Night (Faced Version)” from November, and [spoiler alert] a remix of “I Make You Man” will be in my December chart). The album is dark and sexy and I’ve loved it all year. It wasn’t as splashy or popular as my other picks, but it was a solid album I kept listening to.
  7. The Knife – Shaking the Habitual. Okay I won’t say much about this album because it’s sort of difficult and abstract — it’s really an album-as-a-work-of-art sort of situation. You have to experience it as an album. Supposedly it has strong leftist themes (about equality, sexism, gender, etc.) and The Knife were influenced by people like Judith Butler (who wrote a book called Gender Trouble that is still one of the most difficult books I’ve ever read). Sure, this album isn’t as accessible or awesome as Silent Shout, but it’s great.
  8. Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience. Let’s not forget that before the second part came out, the first album was great. Sure, it wasn’t as poppy and accessible as FutureSex/LoveSounds, but I loved the spacey/funky feeling the album had. And any album with a song like “Mirrors” has to be one best.

Other albums I loved from 2013: Dynamics by Holy Ghost!, Tomorrow’s Harvest by Boards of Canada, mbv by My Bloody Valentine, Mantangi by M.I.A., Nocturnes by Little Boots, The Bones of What You Believe by CHVRCHES, Modern Vampires of the City by Vampire Weekend, Settle by Disclosure, Psychic by Darkside, and Different Sides of the Sun by Hot Natured. Also: Even though Flume’s self-titled album came out in 2012, I really experienced it in 2013 (and the deluxe edition came out in 2013). If I were to “cheat” and include it this year, it’d definitely be in my top 10.


  1. “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk. It was a tough choice between “Get Lucky” and “Reflektor” for my favorite song of the year. Ultimately it went to Daft Punk because, as I mentioned above, the album and really the song itself became an event. The hype on music blogs was off the charts. The song introduced a whole new generation (including me) to the awesomeness of Nile Rodgers which culminated in downloading tons of 80s music I never knew I loved. The other day I realized that my phone’s ring tone was still “Get Lucky” despite it coming out in April — that fact I hadn’t changed it and still loved hearing it when my phone rang convinced me that this is my favorite of the year.
  2. “Reflektor” by Arcade Fire. As mentioned above, this song really propelled Arcade Fire to a whole new level for me. I love James Murphy’s DFA-inspired production. You can totally dance to this song — in a club, no less! The lyrics were minimal, the video was slightly insane, and it’s a close second favorite song of the year for me.
  3. “Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts” by Annie. I’ve been a fan of Annie (a Norwegian electronic musician) for a while now. Back in 2004, Pitchfork put her track “Heartbeat” as their #1 song of the year but after that she sort of faded from “mainstream” music coverage. I continued to follow her, though, and through it loved songs she did like “Anthonio” and “Songs Remind Me of You.” She always had this sort of dark and sad perspective on romance that I could identify with (her music even inspired a mix I did called “Did You Ever Really Care?” that I made to deal with a breakup…). But then this summer I was walking to the grocery store and “Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts” came on and I literally had to stop, go sit down, and listen to the song. Everything about it speaks to me emotionally, intellectually, etc. — she feels/understands the world the same as I do. Also be sure to check out the strange and surreal video. In a world where I wasn’t surrounded by more mainstream music, this would’ve been my #1. Bonus: Check out the FNM remix of the song, too — it extends the song and makes it more dancey.
  4. “ARTPOP” by Lady Gaga. This is my favorite Lady Gaga song since “Bad Romance.” It’s a little alien and very weird. I like to think it’s a manifesto of sorts for some new type of art movement: “Brushes of darkness won’t help you create your destiny of super / ARTPOP could mean anything… anything! / I tried to sell myself but I am really laughing.”
  5. “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake. Like “My Love,” there is something epic and beautiful about this song and I feel like he really poured his heart out into it. If the stories are true, the song is about how him and Jessica Biel broke up and during that separation he realized how much he loved her and eventually they got back together and were married (awww a happy ending!). Bonus: There aren’t many songs about getting back together. I once listened to an episode of This American Life about getting-back-together songs, and it starts off mentioning the lack.

Other songs I really loved this year:

  • “Afterlife” by Arcade Fire
  • “Invisible” by Annie
  • “Bridge and Tunnel” by Holy Ghost!
  • “Last Night (Faced Version)” by Telonius
  • “Let the Groove Get In” by Justin Timberlake
  • “Bound 2” by Kanye West
  • “Broken Record” by Little Boots
  • “Exodus” and “Sexodus” (feat. The Weeknd) by M.I.A.
  • “Wanderlust” by The Weeknd
  • “Doin’ It Right” (feat. Panda Bear) by Daft Punk
  • “Nickels and Dimes” by Jay-Z
  • “The Rise” by Pelussje
  • “The Town” by The Weeknd
  • “Dark Star” by Jaymes Young
  • “Instant Crush” (feat. Julian Cassablancas) by Daft Punk
  • “Tell U” by Jerome LOL
  • “Woman” by Munk
  • “You Already Know” by Arcade Fire
  • “Hopeless Place” by Austra
  • “We Can’t Stop” by Miley Cyrus
  • “I’m Waiting Here” (feat. Lykke Li) by David Lynch
  • “It Must Be the Weather” by Holy Ghost!
  • “You Are My Destiny” by The Juan MacLean
  • “Mint” by Villa
  • “It’s Never Over (Oh Orpheus)” by Arcade Fire
  • “Recover” by CHVRCHES
  • “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus
  • “Hold On, We’re Going Home” (Feat. Majid Jordan) by Drake
  • “Do What U Want” (feat. R. Kelly) by Lady Gaga
  • “White Noise” (Feat. AlunaGeorge) by Disclosure
  • “A Rose By Any Other Name” (feat. Beth Ditto) by Blondie
  • “Blurred Lines” (feat. T.I. and Pharrell Williams) by Robin Thick (the song was too ubiquitous and too catchy to not include…!)

Check out my handy YouTube playlist of my favorite songs from 2013!

My Favorite Remixes:

  • “Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts” (FNM remix) by Annie
  • “Baumhaus” (Jörg Burger remix Feat. Sidonie) by Michael Mayer
  • “Grand Cru” (Pachanga Boys Glam Drive) by Saschienne
  • “Satellite” (Lindstrøm remix) by Little Boots
  • “You & Me” (Flume remix) by Disclosure
  • “Working The Midnight Shift” (Holy Ghost! Remix) by Donna Summer
  • “Kiss Kiss” (Canblaster remix) by Cashmere Cat
  • “Sexy Socialite” (Boys Noize Remix) by Chromeo

Songs I loved in 2013 from Other Years:

  • “Deep Is the Breath” (feat. Jacob Bellens & Emma Acs) by Kasper Bjørke
  • “Beat and the Pulse” by Austra
  • “Fuzzy Dream” (Junior Claristidge rework) by Black Devil Disco Club
  • “One Step Further” by Jenna Drey
  • “Can’t Hold Us” (Feat. Ray Dalton) by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
  • “Locked Out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars
  • “Disco Clown” by Munk
  • “Power” by Pompeya
  • “Uptight (Everything’s Alright)” by Stevie Wonder
  • “Crosseyed and Painless” by The Talking Heads
  • “Let’s Live for Today” by The Grass Roots

Record Labels

This year I really loved stuff from:

And there it is: 2013 in music in my world!

November 2013 Chart

Wowza! November was a great month for music for me! This chart has more songs on it than I think any previous charts. And even more interesting: I’ve rated all of the songs with at least 4 starts (most charts are a mix of 3-star and 4-star)… plus: bonus: I’ve rated Lady Gaga’s song “ARTPOP” with 5 stars! I think it’s her greatest song yet (or maybe tied with “Bad Romance”). Unfortunately this also seems to be the chart with the fewest SoundCloud embeds or YouTube music or videos… Nonetheless, enjoy!

Lady Gaga – ARTPOP [YouTube live performance]
Talking Heads – Crosseyed and Painless [YouTube live performance from Stop Making Sense]
Miike Snow – Pretender [YouTube official music video]
John Boswell – A Glorious Dawn (feat. Carl Sagan) [YouTube official awesome video]
Asutra – Hopeless Place [YouTube music]
Telonius – Last Night (Faced Version)
Black Devil Disco Club – Fuzzy Dream (Junior Claristidge rework)
Jenna Drey – One Step Further
NVNZ – Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

October 2013 Post

October 2013
Apparently Andrew Weatherall is my new favorite DJ. Who knew!? Seriously, though, the guy has been around for a while now and I never paid much attention to him, but this month two of his remixes show up. He must be making some sort of comeback. I always associated his stuff with sort of left-field, long, abstract… but the remixes here are more disco-y I want to say. Anyway, here’s my favorites from the month:

Arcade Fire – Afterlife [YouTube lyric video]

Song Listing for Jay Z’s Made in America

Made in America
I couldn’t find the list of songs from Jay Z’s film Made in America so I decided to watch the credits sequence and list ’em out (trying to remove all of the non-features [e.g. background, score] music). Mostly this is so I can make a playlist for myself…

  • Jay-Z – 99 Problems
  • Jay-Z, Rihanna, Kanye West – Run This Town
  • Jay-Z – Murda Murda
  • Passion Pit – “Take a Walk”
  • Janelle Monae – Victory
  • Janelle Monae – Tightrope
  • Run DMC & Aerosmith – Walk This Way
  • Pearl Jam – Better Man
  • The Hives – Take Back the Toys
  • D’Angelo – Devil’s Pie
  • D’Angelo – Chicken Grease
  • The Dirty Projectors – Offspring Are Blank
  • Santigold – L.E.S. Artistes
  • Odd Future – Rella
  • Miike Snow – Pretender
  • Skrillex – Right In
  • Skrillex – Bangarang
  • Rita Ora – Facemelt
  • Rita Ora – Poison
  • Rita Ora – How We Do (Party)
  • Kontraband 215 – Back 2 Basics
  • Jill Scott – He Loves Me (Lyzel in E Flat)
  • Jay-Z – Empire State of Mind
  • Q Department – Entropy
  • Run DMC – It’s Tricky
  • Pearl Jam – Corduroy
  • Jay-Z – Public Service Announcement
  • Jay-Z & Kanye West – Niggas in Paris
  • Jay-Z, Kanye West, Frank Ocean – Made in America

If you find this and notice I miss something, let me know! Great music, great documentary!