Swingtown Canceled

First it was Dirty, Sexy, Money, now I find out that Swingtown is canceled.

Swingtown was a short-lived show on CBS about swingers (but not really) in the 1970s. The characters were fun, the production design was excellent (you really felt like you were in the ’70s!), and the politics were smart (lots of issues around “women’s lib,” censorship, Nixon, etc.).

Imagine my sadness when I found out via the Swingtown wiki page that it’s effectively been canceled:

Show admitted that the series is canceled. [1]

Excerpt from TV Guide interview with Grant Show (Tom Decker).

“TVGuide.com: Is it safe to say that Swingtown is all swung out? Show: Yeah, unfortunately. I mean, they haven’t released me and they haven’t made any official statements yet, but our contracts are all up in December. They’d have to have us back working before then, and I don’t think it’s possible to do that.”

I’ve been hoping that the limbo-status of the show for the past few months has meant that it might be returning somehow magically. Looks like that probably isn’t the case…

At least I can look forward to the complete first season arriving in my mailbox sometime next week.

2 thoughts on “Swingtown Canceled”

  1. You honestly believe everything Wikipedia says is the God’s honest truth? Anybody can go in there and edit pages. CBS has said nothing. Kelley/Poul have not given an official word about production either. TV Guide does not know. Nor does Grant Show. He even admitted he’s still under contract.

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