R.I.P. Dirty, Sexy, Money

The cast of Dirty, Sexy, Money
My friend Jennifer broke the news (via Ausiello) that Dirty, Sexy, Money is over… or will be, at the end of this season.

Although this show wasn’t quite as dirty or sexy or money as the title makes it sound, it was good. I loved the cast and the overarching mystery (“Who killed Nick’s dad?”) is the kind of stuff I love (a la the mysteries that encompass each season of Desperate Housewives). The show was also groundbreaking in that one of the major characters was an MTF.

I won’t miss Eli Stone — I watched two or so episodes of it and hated it. I hear from everyone that Pushing Daises is awesome but I never watched.

Let’s just hope they don’t cancel my other hanging-on-by-a-thread shows like Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles or Friday Night Lights.

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