Hit By A Bus

Why is it that whenever someone jokingly anticipates something horrible happening to them thus resulting in the loss of the knowledge they carry in their head they say, “In case I get hit by a bus.”

Yes, buses do hit and kill people, but I think cars do much more often. I am nearly hit by a car two or three times every week — usually when someone is making a right turn on a red light and not paying attention to people walking.

I’m just wondering aloud, but is this part of some conspiracy against public transportation?

2 thoughts on “Hit By A Bus”

  1. That’s why I usually say, “hit by a cement truck.” I think cement mixers are taking over the world.

    Also, this makes me think of what you reiterated about languaging framing ideas subconsiously. Phrases are propelled by some incident and then solidified over the course of years of repetition, effectively becoming a reality. Even though a hollow reality. Perhaps conspiracies aren’t always intentional? I dunno.

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