206-415 No More!

I’ve had it with these stupid “me too!!” comments that people are posting on the 206-415-xxxx post. I’ve noted my annoyance before, but now I’m taking action. I have disabled comments for that post. Although it’s fun to get tons of emails with people posting comments, nobody has posted a comment that is worthwhile or interesting in a long time. Censorship? Maybe. But it’s my blog, damnit! Time to take some control!

2 thoughts on “206-415 No More!”

  1. Sorry to lose your thread but I understand. People are welcome to post at my anti206 blog. If you google any of the 206 numbers you will see many sites. Payphone-directory.org, unplanned thought.com (both taken over also) antitelemarketer, telemarketerFAQ etc. I also wish people would post useful info. if possible. Consider filing a complaint with your Attorney General instead of a “me too” comment.

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