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June 2015 Chart

Trinity Test

This chart is so late I have nothing to say except that I was reminded to post it when I learned today was the 70th anniversary of the Trinity nuclear test. Enjoy!

Artist Song Name Remixer
Citizenn Be Ralph Lawson dub
Eskobar Someone New A Copycat & Martin Brodin Remix
Another chart, another Copycat remix…
French Horn Rebellion Swing Into It Chordashian Remix
Tepr Hypnotease
Flume Some Minds (feat. Andrew Wyatt)
Kaskade Never Sleep Alone
Thank you c89.5
Afefe Iku Mirror Dance

May 2015 Chart

I always worry that my charts are entirely predictable and that I just recycle the same artists and producers and remixers over and over. While this one has some frequent contributors (Copycat, Designer Drugs, Leo Zero), I’m happy to say that most of the artists are new to my own private chartland. I wish I could say I had some highlights, but again this is another solid list of great new music. I’ve rated all of them four-stars.

Artist Song Name Remixer
Blur Thought I Was A Spaceman
I love the new Blur album. It reminds me of their later stuff (13 and Think Thank) which I love.
C.A.R. Idle Eyes rRoxymore Remix
Hotlane Dirt on the Sidetracks
Love the vocalists voice here — totally hypnotizing. This song has a great creepy vibe.
Manics High Floors Designer Drugs remix
I always look to Designer Drugs for shiny, bouncy, uptemp remixes. They don’t disappoint.
Passion Pit Five Foot Ten (I)
Such a cheesy/poppy song but I love it. It feels innocent.
The Sweeps The Last Dream A Copycat Remix
Okay I feel like I include A Copycat remix pretty much every chart, but I think I try to hold back on ’em a bit. When I heard this song I was like, “This is excellent… and I bet Copycat remixed it.” Turns out he did. So of course it’s excellent. (Spoiler alert: There is already a Copycat remix on the June chart.)
Underworld vs. Heller & Farley Baby Wants To Ride 12″ mix
Cover/remake of the Frankie Knuckles amazing original.
Brandon Flowers Still Want You
Another much more upbeat/happy song than I’d usually include, but as soon as I heard it the song grabbed me. Maybe my favorite song on this chart…
Chimes and Bells The Mole Trentemøller remix
Hot Chip Why Make Sense?
Sad to say that I’ve been slightly disappointed with the new Hot Chip album Why Make Sense? So far this is the only track that really stands out for me. I’ll keep listening in hopes it’s one of those albums that grows on you.
The Chemical Brothers Sometimes I Feel So Deserted
So excited for their new album. The Chemical Brothers were one of the first electronic groups I loved.
Anoraak Odds Are Good
From the The Orange Collection, the latest “[color name] Collection” compilation from one of my favorite record labels: Eskimo Recordings.
Bomb the Bass Boy Girl Leo Zero remix
Drake x Beyoncé Can I
There are many versions of this demo floating around. So far my favorite is 3m26sec — it has since been taken down. Regardless of the demos, I think we can be fairly confident that the final track will be as awesome as the two artists collaborating to make it.
Prinzhorn Dance School Reign Shit Robot Remix

April 2015 Chart

Nice mix of songs again this month — glad I’m over that under-10 slump that was going on during the winter. As per usual, a lot of familiar names. The new Tame Impala song “Let It Happen” is easily my new favorite song. I’m disappointed that there aren’t many music videos, but so it goes.

Artist Song Name Remixer
Above & Beyond We’re All We Need
Yes, thank c89.5 for this song.
Flowers and Sea Creatures Citadel
Throwing Snow Lumen
Jamie xx Loud Places (feat. Romy)
This samples Stars on 33’s “I Feel The Music In Your Heart” — one of my favorite songs.
Bluehost Tonight Xinobi Remix
Chromatics In Films
Tame Impala Let It Happen
First 5-star song in a while. I cannot stop listening to it. I love the last quarter of the song — that heavy guitar. Such a great song.
Arches New Love (Feat. Karen Harding)
Kasper Bjørke Bette Davis Eyes (feat. Jacob Bellens)
Another month, another Kasper Bjørke song.
Marina & The Diamonds Froot
Ellen Allien Butterfly Aux 88’s Electric Butterfly remix
WhoMadeWho Dreams The Hacker Remix
Skream Still Lemonade Redshape Remix
Étienne de Crécy Sunset (feat. Tom Burke)
Du Tonc Animals Extended Mix

March 2015 Chart

Whoa! After a few months of not many sons the overloaded-chart is back in business! March had tons of great songs and even getting it down to just 18 took some serious editing. Enjoy!

Artist Song Name Remixer
Aronchupa I’m an Albatraoz
This song is too bonkers not to love. A c89.5 discovery.
Philip George Wish You Were Mine
Another c89.5 song. Samples Stevie Wonder’s “My Cherie Amour”
The Ting Tings Wrong Club Club mix by the Super Criticals
Best concert of the month? Easily The Ting Tings. They were amazing live and performed this new song. I wish there was a better remix out there, though.
Calvin Harris Pray To God (Feat. HAIM)
I can’t believe how much I love this song — but it took a long time to get there. Definitely a grower for me.
Daniel Avery Water Jump Powell remix
Bassnectar Now (feat. Rye Rye)
Blur There Are Too Many Of Us
Reminds me of the later-era Blur stuff that I really like. Slightly experimental, slightly political.
Craig Bratley Black Swan Theory
Electrosexual The Way They Make You Feel extended version
Knox Redline Kodiak Remix
Kokiri Retrospect Illyus & Barrientos Remix
Le Youth R E A L Boogie Vice Remix
I love the way Le Youth scrambles old 90s songs. This one samples Brandy’s “I Wanna Be Down”
Madonna HeartBreakCity
For Aurea
OneRepublic Love Runs Out Passion Pit remix
Two stories: 1. I told two of my friends that “I bought such an embarrassing album — OneRepublic!” and both of them were like, “What’s the big deal? I love OneRepublic.” And remember I’m the one who owns Ariana Grande, Paris Hilton, etc. Yet OneRepublic embarrassed me. 2. This remix is so killer. I love the original song but this adds some weirdness to it.
Rex The Dog Korgasmatron
Róisín Murphy Gone Fishing
Trances 4 Von Party Remix
Wait until 2:45 and this song goes a totally weird/awesome direction.
Kendrick Lamar King Kunta
I know I should love Kendrick Lamar for his lyrics and rapping (and I do!), but this song (and album) is just so lush and energetic. I randomly picked this song to listen to after importing To Pimp a Butterfly and I’ve listened to it like 5 times since.

February 2015 Chart

Seattle Great Wheel
Haters gonna hate! Here’s some of my favorite songs from my favorite month. Unfortunately not many of these songs are on SoundCloud or YouTube… Luckily my favorite song was on both (albeit a live version on YouTube).

Artist Song Name Remixer
Boys Noize Dawnload
Ghost Culture Lucky
Susanne Sundfør Delirious Richard X Remix
This is my new favorite song! Susanne Sundfør previously appeared on one of my charts when she did vocals for Røyksopp’s “Running to the Sea.”
Ani-i & Capablanca Farsi Farce
Étienne de Crécy WTF (feat. Pos & Dave)
Of Montreal Bassem Sabry Boston Bun Remix
Beyoncé Haunted Michael Diamond Remix
One of the reasons I bought the soundtrack. This remix is “haunting”…
Capri Cloud Rider
Karin Park Look What You’ve Done Wankelmut remix

January 2015 Chart

Flu virus
January sure went by fast! It ended with the flu for me, hence the shorter-than-usual chart and late posting. But hey — what is it they say? Quality over quantity? Sure!

Artist Song Name Remixer
Andy Stott Violence
Idioma Pandore Tim Paris Remix
Oliver Heldens Last All Night (Koala) (feat. KStewart)
c89.5 song #1
Azealia Banks Chasing Time
I absolutely love everything about this song.
Sia Elastic Heart (Feat. The Weeknd & Diplo)
For Aurea…
Blackhall & Bookless Kevins Spacey Virginia Remix
Madeon You’re On (feat. Kyan)
c89.5 song #2
Mark Ronson Daffodils (Feat. Kevin Parker)
Vocals by Kevin Parker of Tame Impala

December 2014 Chart

Usually my December charts consist of songs from the year that I discovered via various year-end best-of lists. This year, however, I’ve been terribly behind in catching up with those — so most of these are pretty new songs from the fall and winter. Also: expect some more chart-related goodness coming soon: My Music 2014 post as well as my favorite chart — the “redos” (where I take a track from each month and choose a better version/remix instead). In the meantime, enjoy this!

Artist Song Name Remixer
The Ting Tings That’s Not My Name Kasper Bjørke Remix
This is an old remix but when I discovered it I almost exploded. I mean, it’s a Kasper Bjørke remix!
AIMES Burnin’ A Copycat remix
Henry Krinkle Stay
Another c89.5 earworm…
Mary J. Blige My Loving
Probably one of my favorite songs right now. This track is so dancey!
Au Revoir Simone Fade Into You (feat. Nikolai Fraiture of The Strokes)
The original by Mazzy Star is one of my all-time favorite songs.
Bleeping Sauce Cherry Green Villanova remix
Joakim On the Beach CFCF remix
Sinkane New Name Busy P Remix
Billie Ray Martin & Aérea Negrot Off the Rails Electrosexual dub

November 2014 Chart

I gotta admit, this November 2014 chart had a lot to live up to. My November 2013 chart is one of my favorites. Thankfully, I’m happy to report that this month’s chart meets the challenge. Also be sure to check out the YouTube videos below. There are some great videos this month — specifically Little Boots and Röyksopp (the image above is from “Skulls”). Enjoy!

Artist Song Name Remixer
YACHT Where Does This Disco?
I actually meant to include this last month but forgot. Oops! It’s so great though.
Little Boots Taste It
No surprise here — Little Boots does it again!
Mylo Drop The Pressure Drop Out Orchestra Rework
Drop Out Orchestra are the masters of making me love an old song all over again.
Tommie Sunshine & Midnight Magic I Found Love Erodiscotique Remix
Everything Midnight Magic touches is amazing. I had to choose between like three or four of their songs for this chart…
Calvin Harris Outside (Feat. Ellie Goulding)
Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars Uptown Funk
Röyksopp Skulls
So dark and creepy — the song and the video.
Audion Dem Howl Michael Mayer mix
Azimute Where Is the Magic
Joywave Tongues Giorgio Moroder Remix
Giorgio Moroder Giorgio’s Theme
I believe this is from his forthcoming (in 2015) album. Can’t wait for it.
Xinobi Bogotá
A-Trak Push The Chainsmokers radio mix
ODESZA Say My Name (feat. Zyra)
Ugh thanks to c89 for this earworm…
Major Lazer All My Love (feat. Ariana Grande)
I almost didn’t include this because Ariana Grande but this song is so great. It’s from the Hunger Games: Mockingjay soundtrack (which is great and was curated by Lorde)
Au Revoir Simone Crazy Birthday Sex Remix

October 2014 Chart

It’s funny: Toward the end of nearly every month when I know I want to get this chart posted, I start worrying that there isn’t enough music. That I haven’t discovered or fell in love with any new songs. But then during the last few days as I start figuring out what songs to include (based in part on play count, rating, etc. and in large part on which songs get stuck in my head), everything comes together and more often than not I’m like, “Oh wow. What was I worrying about? I’ve got some great songs to include!” This is one of those months. Things came together at the end and I realized I have some new favorites.

Artist Song Name Remixer
Kasper Bjørke Apart (feat. Sísý Ey)
Let me include part of the MixMag review (it was their Disco Tune of the Month): “With ‘Apart’ Kasper Bjørke has created a modern day dark disco anthem that can proudly sit alongside the lieks of Sharon Brown in the hall of fame. The press release describes it as ‘commercially friendly’ and while it may have charted in 1987, nowadays the chance of this getting Radio 1 A-listed is slim. It’s catchy for sure, but its dark, twisted pop overtones are more akin to French Kiss ‘Mischief’ — itself a prototype techno anthem for 1979. The drums are 80s and unprocessed. The vocals are female and forlon. The synths are innocent and upset. It’s nothing short of genius.” Couldn’t have said it better myself! Also: I need to look into more “dark disco anthems.”
Lilly Wood & The Prick Prayer In C Robin Schulz radio edit
DJ Rashad I Don’t Give a Fuck
Iggy Azalea Black Widow Tiga remix
I never would’ve thought I would’ve included an Iggy Azalea song here, but the magic Tiga works on this song is too incredible. It reminds me of my fav song of his: “Shoes”
Yelle Complètement fou
Caribou Can’t Do Without You extended mix
So glad I found this extended mix. This is one of those songs you want to go on and on and on… Almost went with the Munk remix (how predictable, I know), but in the end the original really did it for me the most.
Justin Faust Jackalope
Him_Self_Her Love You Like I Used To dub
Laidback Luke Bae (feat. Gina Turner)
Drew Hill Talk to You Groove Armada remix
Go Satta Time to Love David Garcet My Discoshoes remix
This song wins the award for being stuck in my head the most. And I loved it.

September 2014 Chart

Another month of music that I’m really excited about. Of course there are some old standbys (will Nancy Whang ever do something I don’t love? This chart includes her cover of Kiss’s “I Was Made for Loving You” and a song from the new Juan MacLean album In a Dream), but also some new faces. I’ll hesitantly apologize in advance for including Ariana Grande but I gotta admit: I really love her new album and I considered between three of her songs for this chart. Enjoy!

Artist Song Name Remixer
Ariana Grande Be My Baby Cashmere Cat edit
When I first heard the original version of this song I couldn’t stop listening. While I’ve moved on to a new favorite Ariana Grande song (“Love Me Harder”), this was the one that opened me up to her album. I mean, she worked with Cashmere Cat!! That’s super awesome. This edit makes the original Grande version a little weirder.
Junior Jack Da Hype Warren Clarke vocal dub mix
Vocals by Robert Smith of The Cure!
Burial Forgive
I’ve always loved Burial but recently heard this song in Adam Curtis’ All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace and feel back in love.
Dollkraut Hagen Feel Some Love
Dusky Love Taking Over
The Juan MacLean A Place Called Space
Sinkane How We Be
Can’t wait to hear more from this guy. This song is super catchy and laid-back!
Tensnake Feel of Love Joe Goddard remix
Kim Ann Foxman, Soul Clap & Catz ‘N Dogz Let Me Be the One Catz N’ Dogz remix
Smalltown DJs See Thru The Slow Waves remix
Nancy Whang & Drop Out Orchestra I Was Made for Loving You extended version
Nancy Whang + Drop Out Orchestra. Need I say more? Great cover of a fun Kiss song.
Klingande Jubel Nora En Pure remix
The monthly “I heard this on c89.5” song