September 2015 Chart


I dunno about you, but I like the charts where I have tons of songs and I don’t want to edit it down much more than charts where I only have a few songs and with the exception of like 1 of them, it was tough to come up with.

Artist Song Name Remixer
Mike Mago & Dragonette Outlines
I’m not sure why it took me so long to find this song but I absolutely love it.
Dave Audé Figure It Out
I recently started getting back into running and this song showed up on my old “Gym Songs” playlist.
Alex Metric Drum Machine (feat. The New Sins)
The vocals on this song sound like Peaches.
Auxiliary tha Masterfader Disco Machine A Copycat Remix
Claptone Dear Life Claptone Night Remix
Dim Zach Primal Unleashed David Garcet Remix
Go Satta Zoo Statickman Remix
Guy Gerber & Miss Kittin Rumors On The Dance Floor, Part 2
Hot Chip Started Right Joe Goddard Disco Remix
…and thus begins finally really digging the latest Hot Chip. It took some time and a few remixes (yesterday another awesome remix dropped that’ll be on next month’s chart I’m sure) but now I’m starting to love it. This seems to be a trend when it comes to Hot Chip.
Phon.o Bodycheck (feat. Born in Flamez)
Tame Impala Let It Happen Soulwax remix
This is awesome and not just because it’s an excuse to put the song on a chart again.
Big Grams Drum Machine
Big Boi (of OutKast) + Phantogram.
Jacques Renault Goodnight Moon 004 (feat. Mark Verbos)
New Order Tutti Frutti (Feat. Elly Jackson)
I’m very much loving the new New Order album, Music Complete. Tons of great tracks but this one always stands out for me (and no, it’s not a cover of the Little Richard classic).
Gallant Weight In Gold
Carly Rae Jepsen Warm Blood
I knew it had great reviews and all, but I definitely enjoyed this album more than I expected.
Crookers Embrace The Martian (Feat. Kid Cudi)
I’ve been thinking a lot about Mars lately. (water and movies)

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