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I’ve been trying to come up with some sort of an events calendar/database for stuff like upcoming concerts, talks, CD/DVD releases, etc. that are of particular interest to me. So far I haven’t found a solution I like (so I may just write something on my own), so in the meantime I’ll just do a normal post. (That is why, as you may have noticed, there is an “Events” header on the right with nothing under it.)

I guess I share this stuff since I figure it’s probably of interest to a few more people than just me, plus if it’s something like a concert or whatever maybe more people can join in the fun, yeah?

Month Day Exciting Thing
April 19-23 In the Mood for Love at Central Cinema
April 25 Final Fantasy VII – Advent Children DVD release (sort of a “part two” to the FF7 video game — one of my all-time favorites)
April 26 Ladytron in concert at Neumos (buy tickets)
April 28-29 Coachella in California (I’ll blog about this more as it approaches and after the show)
May 9 Just Like the Fambly Cat by Grandaddy (their last album… sadness…)
May 9 Queer as Folk season 5 (the final season)
May 9 The West Wing season 6
May 11 SIFF 2006 lineup announced
May 11 Goldfrapp at The Showbox (buy tickets)

Also, as for things that have happened recently that are worth looking into: Knots Landing season 1 on DVD, Placebo’s latest album Meds, Ghostface Killah’s Fishscale (believe the hype about this one — it’s the best hip-hop I’ve heard since Kanye West’s first album), Gorillaz’s Demon Days Live in Manchester DVD, and the high school noir (done in a totally serious way) Brick.

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