A Cool iTunes Playlist

If, like me, you are sometimes overtaken by nostalgia or find yourself wondering how your life was different (not necessarily better or worse) last year at this time (I always become much more introspective and whatnot once the sunny days end and it gets darker earlier and rainy here in Seattle), then I have a neat playlist for you:

I called it: “Last Year This Month.” It will show you all of the songs you added to your iTunes library last year at this time. I’m constantly adding music, so it’s interesting for me to see what music I was just getting into or tracking down just a year ago.

To make it, setup an iTunes Smart Playlist with these parameters:

Match: All
Date Added --> is in the last --> 12 months
Date Added --> is not in the last --> 11 months

So right now I can see all of the songs I added to iTunes in October, 2005. It’s neat. I was just getting into the Bloc Party and the DFA record label and got new albums by Depeche Mode, Fiona Apple, and Boards of Canada.

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