2046 and the Oscars

If you aren’t aware of my obsession with the film 2046, well, do a search for “2046” on my blog and you should get an idea of how much I love this movie.

That said, I was sad (though not surprised) that 2046 wasn’t mentioned anywhere when it came time for film award season. I understand that it’s a foreign movie and that it was technically released abroad (in Asia, at least) in 2004, but still, this movie deserved something at the Academy Awards or Golden Globes. (See the awards it did win over at IMDB.)

But what is maybe more saddening to me is that I haven’t read any critics really agreeing with me, that is until I read “Pushing the envelope” by Stephanie Zacharek over at Salon.com.

She mentioned that Tony Leung, Gong Li, and Zhang Zihi all deserved recognition for their work in 2046, and I love her for saying that.

I would probably award 2046 something in every category, but that’s just me.

2 thoughts on “2046 and the Oscars”

  1. Oscar? Only those fit in the catagory of Hollywood movies stand a chance to win. I don’t know why people see Oscar as one of the 4 most important international movie awards. For the other three awards, it’s a competition between movies from all over the world; only Oscar is a competition between american-made movies (international movies compete for the “best foreign movie”, how rediculous is that!). But, if you think it alternatively, american-made movies are very easy to be bad (it’s the nature of america, no doubt), and that’s why americans have this Oscar; giving awards to their fellow americans so that they have something politically, not cuturally, artsy.

    Thank “Buddha” that I am not an american!

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