Wong Kar-Wai Lecture in Seattle

On Sunday, July 17 at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle there is going to be a lecture about “assemblege” and the films of Wong Kar-Wai.

From the FRYE film calendar:

Wong Kar-wai: Assembling Pieces of Time
Related exhibition ~ Oliver Herring: Taking and Making
Sunday, July 17, 2 pm

Free passes available at the Information Desk at 1 pm

Like Oliver Herring’s sculptural portraits composed of countless fragments, films are assembled out of tiny pieces of still images. Wong Kar-wai, a director whose work inspires a rapturous response unlike any other filmmaker of his generation (In the Mood For Love, 2046), takes an extreme approach to the idea of assemblage. He and wild man cinematographer Chris Doyle regularly begin shooting without a clear concept of storyline—if indeed any story will emerge. Robert Horton describes Kar-wai’s method and the sensual, haunting results.

The Seattle Weekly‘s Visual Arts Calendar adds:

Magic Lantern Lecture Local film critic Robert Horton explores the parallels between the 3-D collage sculptures of Oliver Herring (now on display at the Frye) and the fragmentary films of director Wong Kar-wai. 2 p.m. Sun. July 17. Frye Art Museum, 704 Terry Ave., free, 206-622-9250.

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