Hung Up

Madonna's 'Hung Up' single
Following Paulo’s lead, I guess it’s time to comment on the fact that I am totally loving Madonna‘s new song “Hung Up.” I’ve had the track since iTunes made it available back in mid-October.

I first heard it at the club on Halloween weekend, and I have to say that hearing it while dancing and drinking and being around people only made it better. Since then, I’ve managed to download six versions (radio edit, album version, Tracy Young‘s Get Up and Dance Groove remix, SDP [a.k.a Stuart Price]‘s extended dub), SDP’s vocal mix, “Blueyender Tech” remix). I’ve also downloaded the video.

I may even be so bold as to say that this is Madonna’s best song since “Music” or “Ray of Light” — mostly due to the fact that it sort of reinvents her yet again. (Although I really liked “American Music,” it wasn’t as exciting or danceable.) And for those who complain that she is just “stealing” from ABBA — it’s called sampling and had I listened to “Gimme Gimme Gimme” before hearing “Hung Up,” I wouldn’t have been very impressed. Now, however, I think the song is kind of cool, and the part that Madonna sampled is even more exciting in the ABBA original.

I like the song so much, even, that I used some of the lyrics during a philosophical conversation last night. My friend was talking about how all these goals she has and that she just wants to have them right away and I said it sounded like she spend most of her life waiting for the future. Then I said, “Time goes by so slowly for those who wait.” How obnoxious is that???

Nonetheless, I cannot wait for Confessions from the Dancefloor next week. Here’s hoping the album is as good as the lead single.

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