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My new apartment
On Thanksgiving I finally moved into a new apartment. I’d been living at my old place for over two years (since I graduated and moved to Seattle in May, 2003), and it felt like time to move.

Funny thing about my family and moving: Notwithstanding the fact I moved from Minnesota to Washington, when people in my family move, we tend not to move very far. I vaguely recall that when my dad was a boy, his family once moved just a few houses down the street. Likewise, when I was a kid and we moved, the new house was less than a mile away from the old house. Now, my new apartment is about three blocks from my old one.

Despite the fact that there may be genetic factors playing into my decision to stay within the Pike/Pine corridor area, location was my #1 criterion for moving. I love the area I live in now (close to bars, close to downtown, close to the bus lines, etc.), so that is hopefully a valid reason for not moving very far as well.

As for the new place, the view is, hands-down, the best part. My old apartment had one window that looked out at a brick wall. At my new place, there are two walls of windows. The east windows give me a view of First Hill (and if I get some binoculars, Molly‘s apartment, maybe…). To the south I can see parts of downtown as well as the Space Needle (and on a cloudless day I can see Elliott Bay and the mountains). Needless to say, the view kicks-ass, especially at night.

In addition to the awesome view, I also love the apartment for the very stylish kitchen (stainless steel stuff), the speakers in the bathroom, the ability to do laundry in my own apartment (even though it is a slow-drying Splendide Italian-made washer/dryer combo), and the cave-like loft above the kitchen where I will sleep once I get a queen-sized mattress.

The lease is for one year, so hopefully I won’t be moving again any time soon. This last move made me realize that I have a lot of stuff and that I really need to start downsizing a bit. I also want to get a much larger television. It feels strange watching movies on such a small (I think 20 inches?) screen in such a large, open space.

3 thoughts on “A Room With a View”

  1. i believe i remember commenting on you view of a brick wall from your old place. if i remember correctly you said something about liking it as opposed to the daylight.

  2. oooooh so true, so true. however, seeing skyscrapers and the space needle and stuff is even better.

    though, to be frank, on saturday morning when it was sunny out i felt like i was going to melt and die in my apartment since there was so much sunlight.

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