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Justin Timberlake and Paris Hilton
First, checkout “I’m Bringing Back Sexy” from The Observer Music Monthly which touches on topics such as Justin Timberlake’s drug use, his thoughts on tabloids, and what why “‘music’s gone to such shit.”

If that doesn’t fill your daily need of pop music writing, Slate has an excellent article titled “Paris Hilton, Anti-Hero.” Despite the headline, the article is mostly about all the “diva music” (i.e. female vocalist) coming out this summer (Mariah, Shakira, Pink, Ciara, Rihanna, Jessica Simpson, Nelly Furtado, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, etc. etc. etc.). It’s a really smart article and ultimately makes the point that the “king of pop” music title should now be called “the king of pop” since women are the best-selling pop musicians nowadays. Forget Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, or even Justin Timberlake — the women are where it’s at.

As for me, I prefer Justin’s “SexyBack” over Paris’ “Stars Are Blind” — but that’s just me…

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