Masks Are The New Black

Recently I’ve noticed that masks are the new cool thing to wear. Animal masks, in particular.

Exhibit A:
Fox N’ Wolf performing “In Yr Underwear”:


Exhibit B:
The Bat For Lashes video “What’s A Girl To Do”:

Exhibit C (my favorite):
Last night at the ridiculously awesome Institubes Paris Terror Club show a bunch of the DJs were wearing animal masks:
DJs wearing masks

(On a side note: the concert was absolutely amazing… Surkin and Curses! totally blew me away. There was silly string, hella dancing, “Hungry 4 Love,” the Switch remix of Nine Inch Nail’s “Capital G,” some Klaxons remixes, Boys Noize‘s “& Down,” animal masks, and a bunch of other stuff that I was too drunk to remember! It might beat out Soulwax’s show as my favorite event at Chop Suey.)

So what does this animal mask trend mean? Honestly, I don’t have any theories yet but I’d love to hear others.

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