CDs Again!

Quite a long time ago my 20GB iPod ran out of space. Every time I added new songs, I had to delete old ones to make room. This caused my iPod to become sorta messy (incomplete albums, exclusion of songs I wanted at a later date, etc.). Thankfully, today I went to get a 60GB color iPod, so now I can try to get my library fixed up (which is going to be quite a task, let me say).

In honor of finally being able to put new music on my iPod, I headed over to Everyday Music and bought $70 worth of CDs.

I would like to share the list of albums I purchased. I am quite excited:

  • The Cure – Mixed Up — I mainly wanted this CD because I already have the “Tree mix” of “A Forest” and absolutely love it. Plus I really do love the Cure, so it seemed like remixes would make a good addition to my collection.
  • The Chemical Brothers – “Life Is Sweet” single — The Daft Punk remix of “Life Is Sweet” is basically a new creation, which is good and bad. I first heard the remix on the Gregg Araki movie Nowhere. Since I am trying to obtain nearly every Chemical Brothers single, the purchase was necessary.
  • Grandaddy – Under the Western Freeway — Grandaddy is quickly becoming one of my favorite bands. The Sophtware Slump and Sumday are mind-blowingly good, and I’ve been wanting to get more albums. Today was my chance! The song “A.M. 180” is used in the movie 28 Days Later (the only “happy” part of the movie when they are shopping at the grocery store) and I loved it.
  • Grandaddy – Concrete Dunes — Apparently this is a “rarities, imports, previously unreleased, and out of print tracks” album. It sounds like something for more of a hardcore fan, so I guess you can call this “preparation” or “anticipation.”
  • Boards of Canada – In A Beautiful Place In the Country EP — Since Boards of Canada have released so few albums (which are so amazing), I feel the need to get everything I can by them. I need more!!
  • The Streets – Original Pirate Material — The song “Weak Become Heroes” was 43 in Pitchfork’s The Top 100 Singles: 2000-04, so I figured the album was worth checking out.
  • Dntel – Life Is Full of Possibilities — I already have the “(This is) The Dream of Evan and Chan” single (it was basically the “first” Postal Service song — it was where Brian Tamborello and Benjamin Gibbard first collaborated. Now it’s time to see what the rest of the album is about.
  • Elliott Smith – XO — Most of my best friends love Elliott Smith, so it’s about damn time I actually get one of his albums. I couldn’t remember what album people had recommended when I was at the store, but XO sounded intriguing.
  • Liz Phair – Liz Phair — Don’t hate me!!! I used to be a huge Liz Phair fan (I saw her live once, had the Girlysounds Demos, etc. etc.), but then with whitechocolatespaceegg I started worrying. When Liz Phair came out, I heard it was horrible (0/5, no stars, etc.) so I didn’t even bother getting it. Well, I found a skuf copy for only $4.25, so I figure for that price I might as well see if it’s really so bad…

So overall, that makes 9 CDs for $70.18. That averages out to about $7.80 a disc. Not bad, if I say so myself.

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  1. You are the second person to say that. I’ll be sure to look out for it. It wasn’t at the CD store the other day (used, at least), so it wasn’t an option. It was between XO and the self-titled, I think.

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