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Mitochondrial DNA

The other week I was reading an article about a mummy found in the alps that has little/no living relatives today. That got me doing some wiki research and I thought my “stream of wiki” was sort of interesting… (this actually resonates with an idea i have about the next step of evolution being the creation of a new universe in a computer where the currently-understood laws of physics/chemistry/etc. are changed so humans have super powers)

Jesus as a Time Traveler?

Jesus Christ
Yesterday my coworker asked me what I thought about the idea that Jesus was a time traveler. Being a fan of Coast to Coast, ideas like this don’t really strike me as extremely odd or absurd.

Then I started to really contemplate the implications of Jesus Christ being from the future. The whole thing made my head spin and I was rather shaken by the idea.

Just image: Jesus is pretty much without a doubt one of the most influential people in the history of human beings on Earth (I really would struggle to think of anyone more influential). Christianity has so utterly shaped and influenced the world, I cannot imagine how the world would be without it (and I say this as an atheist).

If Jesus were indeed from the future, then the future he came from would be a future without Christianity since without Jesus there wouldn’t be a Christian religion. Wow!

So many inventions and philosophies nowadays are a result of Christianity — where would we be without them? The printing press, for example, was in large part created so that Protestants could spread the religion, largely inspired by Jesus’s desire to bring the gospel to the people, etc. You could also argue that the ideas of capitalism and the protestant work ethic and all of that are also directly influenced by the teachings of Jesus (or, more accurately, people’s interpretations of his teachings).

Conversely, however, one could argue that in the grand cosmic scheme, there was a void that needed to be filled at the time and place that Jesus lived, so had Jesus not come from the future, another person — say, David or Diane or Brandon or Mary or Michael or whoever — could have been the one to form the religion now known as Christianity because there was some great cosmic need for such a religion.

I don’t know. Like I said, just contemplating the idea made my head spin — in a good way, of course.