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Thirsty for Buffy?

Adding to my theory that Smallville is awesomely postmodern, I just watched the season five episode “Thirst.”

The episode is about a vampire sorority headed by a girl named Buffy Sanders. Hmm… sounds a bit like my favorite vampire hunter Buffy Summers!

To make things more fun and postmodern, there is a scene where Clark tells Professor Fine (played by James Marsters) that he thinks Lana was bit by a vampire. Professor Fine responds, “There’s no such thing as vampires.” … Except that in Buffy Marsters played the evil-turned-good vampire Spike.

Oh will the references never end! Let’s hope not!!

Collateral Damage

James Marsters as Spike and Art Bell
Consider this to be an “introduction” to the forthcoming episode-by-episode review of Millennium season 3.

Last night I watched the episode “Collateral Damage.” Right now I won’t go into an actual review of the episode. I just wanted to mention that the episode guest starred James Marsters (looking very Spike [from Buffy]) and Art Bell (weekend host and creator of Coast To Coast AM).

In the episode, James played a somewhat crazy Gulf War veteran who called into Art’s show. After he kidnaps the daughter of a member of the Millennium Group, Frank Black enlists the help of Art Bell to help apprehend him.

It was crazy wild to see Art. And they included the Coast theme song during the episode!!


Eliza Dushku as Tru Davies
As a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, I must admit that the fact that Eliza Dushku decided to go off and do her own television show (Tru Calling) and not reprise her role as Faith on Buffy for a spin-off series made me quite sad. Faith is, by far, my favorite character in the Buffyverse and I would’ve loved to see her with her own show.

Nonetheless, I must say that Tru Calling isn’t so bad. Granted, it’s no Joss Wheadon masterpiece, but it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I wouldn’t say that I’m a huge fan or that I like it more than Angel or even Buffy, but it is better than most television shows I’ve watched.

The first few episodes were pretty lame. They all had basically the same plot formula: Within the first twelve minutes shows someone dies an untimely death. Then Tru (who works at a morgue) encounters their body and the dead person asks for her help. There is a neato little special effect that sort of flashes the entire previous day backward, and Tru wakes up in bed (usually someone calls her on the phone to wake her up, it seems) and gets a chance to do the day over again, this time trying to save the dead person who she doesn’t know.

Yes, it does sound a little boring… and it sort of is… but I can’t help feeling as if there is something big coming later in the season (so far I’m only eight episodes [two dvds] into it). I know that Jason Priestley shows up around episode 18 and things get more bizzare and complicated, so for the time being I’m just going to hold tight. The characters totally have me hooked and, like I said, I’m expecting some big conspiracy or something that makes the show a little less stand-alone-episode and more arch-driven (like X-Files and Angel seasons three and four).

So far my favorite episodes have been “Brother’s Keeper” (about her brother’s new girlfriend and her shady history), “Star Crossed” (about a scandalous realtionship at a prep school) and “Morning After” (about Tru’s attempt at throwing a housewarming party at her apartment and her troubles with an ex-boyfriend). I’m also intrugued by the strange mention of her father in “Closure” and hope something becomes of that.

I’m adding the rest of the season onto my Netflix, so hopefully soon I’ll have more to talk about. Oh, according to Tru the show has been canceled, so don’t expect to watch it on television…