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December 2015 Chart

Flip Phone

Artist Song Name Remixer
Jack Ü To Ü Clean Bandit Remix
This month’s c89.5 contribution.
Diplo & Sleepy Tom Be Right There MK Remix
Tiefschwarz Free Falling Skream remix
It was really tough to choose between the Skream remix and the Acid Pauli Clouddiver remix. Great song and great remixes.
SHARER Into This Love
Olivia Newton-John Magic
Alessia Cara Here
Red Axes Sabor Isolée Remix
JR JR Gone Tensnake Remix
KDA Rumble Shadow Child Re-Edit
Jlin Guantanamo
Lianne La Havas Tokyo
Grimes KIll V. Maim

November 2015 Chart

Bitter Lake

Artist Song Name Remixer
Dinosaur L Go Bang François Kevorkian mix
Louisahhh!!! Change
Miike Snow Heart Is Full
I’ve been a longtime Miike Snow fan and really love them branching out into sampling. This song samples a bit of “Waiting for Charlie to Come Home” by Marlena Shaw and it’s wonderful.
Roman Flügel Picnic For Players
Sam Tiba U Just Have to Be U
Adele I Miss You
Obligatory Adele track. This one was done with Paul Epworth who previously did “Rollin’ in the Deep” with her. Unfortunately this song isn’t as good, though it’s easily my favorite off her new album.
Julio Bashmore Holding On
Unique 3 The Theme Unique mix
I knew this track from The Chemical Brother’s early mix/compilation Brothers Gonna Work It Out. I was recently looking for the songs on that mix and came across this one.
Tiga Don’t Break My Heart
Terranova Skin & Bones Karl Friedrich Mix
Special Request Damage
Art Department The Agent Mathew Jonson remix
Missy Elliott WTF (Where They From) (feat. Pharrell Williams)
Too many great things to say about this song and the video. Missy is back!!
Big Sean Play No Games (feat. Chris Brown & Ty Dolla $ign)
Yes it annoys me how often Chris Brown appears on this list. But I love this song — especially his vocals. And the music video is great, too.

It seems that SoundCloud has disabled embedding new playlists or something, so here is a link to my November 2015 chart on SoundCloud.

Fall 2015 TV Review

In case you all were wondering, here are some brief thoughts on the fall 2015 television season.

Favorite Shows

American Horror Story: Hotel – Even though I don’t know what is going on half the time I love the visuals and especially the music
The Leftovers – The opening scene of the second season was so surreal I’ve gone back to watch it a couple times now. Somehow this show feels perfect and magical. I enjoyed season 1 but I’m loving season 2.
PS: These two shows also have the best songs in them…

Favorite New Shows

Scream Queens – I’ve loved every Ryan Murphy show and this one is no different. Thankfully I went into it with enough American Horror Story experience so I knew not to worry about a coherent plot or anything like that.
Quantico – It’s cheesy but I dig it.

Shows I Dumped

The Blacklist – I didn’t understand or care what was happening and lost interest. I figure if after the show ends people say it was great I can go back and watch.

Shows I’m Wayyyyyy Far Behind On

e.g. shows that I figure I’ll watch eventually but let them build up on my Tivo

  • The Walking Dead – I started watching the season but it didn’t grab me and I’ve been bored with it the past few seasons.
  • Gotham – I watched the first two…
  • Fargo – I blame this on the episodes sometimes being so long. Plus I binged season 1 and I think that may be the best way to watch the show.
  • The Affair – Ditto. Binged this last year and even though I love it I figure it’s a good binge-able show.
  • Heroes Reborn – I got through the first 3 episodes and it didn’t grab me. I figure I’ll wait until it’s done and watch a couple episodes at a time.

Superhero Round-Up

Arrow and Flash – Love em! Some of my favorite shows to watch every week.
Heroes Reborn – See above. I’m behind on this one…
Supergirl – Somehow I remember the “leaked” pilot to be not as good as the one that aired? But I think I’m wrong. I’m enjoying it more than I expected.
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Unfortunately sort of “bleh” for me. I’m not loving the Inhumans stuff. That said, the where was Jemma? episode was absolutely amazing.
Gotham – See above. I want to love this show, I really do…

Best Shows I’m Not Watching

1. You tell me.
2. Anything streaming. I’ll watch those when I have days off later in the winter or something…

October 2015 Chart


Artist Song Name Remixer
Drake Hotline Bling
Hot Chip Huarache Lights Soulwax remix
So nice having Soulwax remixing things again… they make this song so much more dancey
In Flagranti Double Talk Wolfram Remix
Akase Murmur Ewan Pearson Remix
Annie Cara Mia
It’s Annie so of course I like it, but I gotta admit I like her slightly darker stuff better.
Neneh Cherry Everything Loco Dice remix
Lady Gaga I Want Your Love
This is such a great cover. Bonus: Nile Rodgers (who produced the original Chic version) did the song with her!
S-Man & Man Without A Clue Drop the Needle Kevin Knapp remix
Chris Brown Zero
Ahhhhhh why do I love so many Chris Brown songs?!?!
New Order Tutti Frutti Hot Chip Remix
Love what Hot Chip do with this song — they stretch it out even more. And while I love how “Hot Chip-y” most Hot Chip remixes sound, this one feels like a totally natural version of the original — as if it were some alternate take.
The Bryan Ferry Orchestra Don’t Stop the Dance Greg Wilson & Derek Kaye mix
I’ve always dug this song but heard it on American Horror Story: Hotel the other week and was reminded of what a great song it is. I usually try to go for remixes whenever possible and this excellent one by Greg Wilson (who has appeared on a few of my charts) is pretty close to the original but stretches it out a bit.

September 2015 Chart


I dunno about you, but I like the charts where I have tons of songs and I don’t want to edit it down much more than charts where I only have a few songs and with the exception of like 1 of them, it was tough to come up with.

Artist Song Name Remixer
Mike Mago & Dragonette Outlines
I’m not sure why it took me so long to find this song but I absolutely love it.
Dave Audé Figure It Out
I recently started getting back into running and this song showed up on my old “Gym Songs” playlist.
Alex Metric Drum Machine (feat. The New Sins)
The vocals on this song sound like Peaches.
Auxiliary tha Masterfader Disco Machine A Copycat Remix
Claptone Dear Life Claptone Night Remix
Dim Zach Primal Unleashed David Garcet Remix
Go Satta Zoo Statickman Remix
Guy Gerber & Miss Kittin Rumors On The Dance Floor, Part 2
Hot Chip Started Right Joe Goddard Disco Remix
…and thus begins finally really digging the latest Hot Chip. It took some time and a few remixes (yesterday another awesome remix dropped that’ll be on next month’s chart I’m sure) but now I’m starting to love it. This seems to be a trend when it comes to Hot Chip.
Phon.o Bodycheck (feat. Born in Flamez)
Tame Impala Let It Happen Soulwax remix
This is awesome and not just because it’s an excuse to put the song on a chart again.
Big Grams Drum Machine
Big Boi (of OutKast) + Phantogram.
Jacques Renault Goodnight Moon 004 (feat. Mark Verbos)
New Order Tutti Frutti (Feat. Elly Jackson)
I’m very much loving the new New Order album, Music Complete. Tons of great tracks but this one always stands out for me (and no, it’s not a cover of the Little Richard classic).
Gallant Weight In Gold
Carly Rae Jepsen Warm Blood
I knew it had great reviews and all, but I definitely enjoyed this album more than I expected.
Crookers Embrace The Martian (Feat. Kid Cudi)
I’ve been thinking a lot about Mars lately. (water and movies)

August 2015 Chart


Artist Song Name Remixer
NTEIBINT The Owner Extended Mix
Avicii Waiting for Love
This month’s c89.5 earworm
Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique Love Is Free (feat. Maluca)
Flush Come Back Baby
When I first heard this song I was like, “Whoa! I love this!! Who is this Flush person that created it??” so I go to the SoundCloud page for the song and oh turns out that Flush is the new project/alias of one of my all-time favorite DJs: Aeroplane (who has made a few chart appearances already)
Julio Bashmore Simple Love (feat. J’Danna)
Bicep Just
Duke Dumont Ocean Drive
I got this song stuck in my head for days and then it finally came up during a shuffled playlist and I was like, “Of course! Another great Duke Dumont track!” (he’s also made a few apperances on the chart before — with both original songs and remixes).
Sam Smith Lay Me Down Flume Remix
Bon Voyage Booshie Andy Bell Remix
John Hancock III Left Me
Just Her Silence Pete Oak’s Slowhand Remix
Panthera Krause If Benjamin Fröhlich Basic Refix
Escort Actor Out of Work
33Hz Stephanie All Night
A relatively older song (from 2011) that I re-discovered while listening to a Richard X Pandora station at work.

July 2015 Chart

A View

Artist Song Name Remixer
The Chainsmokers Let You Go A-Trak Remix
Go Satta Brand New
Kerri Chandler Turn Off The Lights Who’s Afraid Of The Dark
I love how dark and slighty twisted this sounds. Who’s afraid of the dark?
Kölsch DerDieDas
Huxley I Want You Deetron Remix
Mark Ronson I Can’t Lose Duke Dumont Remix
Mark Ronson’s Uptown Special album continues to be amazing. And it’s been a while since I’ve had a Duke Dumont remix. (Last time he remixed Tensnake’s “Love Sumblime” and his take was killer.)
Miguel …Goingtohell
It was tough choosing which song from his new album I should include here. Really love his new album Wildheart. Bonus points: After I picked this song I found out that it was produced by Cashmere Cat!! — a producer I really love (and has appeared on two of my charts).
Tiga Bugatti Cliff Lothar Solid Pleasure Remix
“Bugatti” was definitely a grower for me. When I first heard it I didn’t really like it much. Then I heard this remix the other week and I started loving the song. My favorite part of this remix is the really spaced-out/computered-out background voice that sort of echoes/calls things out.
Jori Hulkkonen Ready Player One
This song is so fucking energetic. And has such an amazing 80s vibe. It’s a shame there isn’t a music video for this (hmmm… maybe I could make one?)
Disclosure Holding On Melé remix
Felix da Housecat Freakz on Time
Hudson Mohawke Brand New World
Louis La Roche Jealousy

June 2015 Chart

Trinity Test

This chart is so late I have nothing to say except that I was reminded to post it when I learned today was the 70th anniversary of the Trinity nuclear test. Enjoy!

Artist Song Name Remixer
Citizenn Be Ralph Lawson dub
Eskobar Someone New A Copycat & Martin Brodin Remix
Another chart, another Copycat remix…
French Horn Rebellion Swing Into It Chordashian Remix
Tepr Hypnotease
Flume Some Minds (feat. Andrew Wyatt)
Kaskade Never Sleep Alone
Thank you c89.5
Afefe Iku Mirror Dance

May 2015 Chart

I always worry that my charts are entirely predictable and that I just recycle the same artists and producers and remixers over and over. While this one has some frequent contributors (Copycat, Designer Drugs, Leo Zero), I’m happy to say that most of the artists are new to my own private chartland. I wish I could say I had some highlights, but again this is another solid list of great new music. I’ve rated all of them four-stars.

Artist Song Name Remixer
Blur Thought I Was A Spaceman
I love the new Blur album. It reminds me of their later stuff (13 and Think Thank) which I love.
C.A.R. Idle Eyes rRoxymore Remix
Hotlane Dirt on the Sidetracks
Love the vocalists voice here — totally hypnotizing. This song has a great creepy vibe.
Manics High Floors Designer Drugs remix
I always look to Designer Drugs for shiny, bouncy, uptemp remixes. They don’t disappoint.
Passion Pit Five Foot Ten (I)
Such a cheesy/poppy song but I love it. It feels innocent.
The Sweeps The Last Dream A Copycat Remix
Okay I feel like I include A Copycat remix pretty much every chart, but I think I try to hold back on ’em a bit. When I heard this song I was like, “This is excellent… and I bet Copycat remixed it.” Turns out he did. So of course it’s excellent. (Spoiler alert: There is already a Copycat remix on the June chart.)
Underworld vs. Heller & Farley Baby Wants To Ride 12″ mix
Cover/remake of the Frankie Knuckles amazing original.
Brandon Flowers Still Want You
Another much more upbeat/happy song than I’d usually include, but as soon as I heard it the song grabbed me. Maybe my favorite song on this chart…
Chimes and Bells The Mole Trentemøller remix
Hot Chip Why Make Sense?
Sad to say that I’ve been slightly disappointed with the new Hot Chip album Why Make Sense? So far this is the only track that really stands out for me. I’ll keep listening in hopes it’s one of those albums that grows on you.
The Chemical Brothers Sometimes I Feel So Deserted
So excited for their new album. The Chemical Brothers were one of the first electronic groups I loved.
Anoraak Odds Are Good
From the The Orange Collection, the latest “[color name] Collection” compilation from one of my favorite record labels: Eskimo Recordings.
Bomb the Bass Boy Girl Leo Zero remix
Drake x Beyoncé Can I
There are many versions of this demo floating around. So far my favorite is 3m26sec — it has since been taken down. Regardless of the demos, I think we can be fairly confident that the final track will be as awesome as the two artists collaborating to make it.
Prinzhorn Dance School Reign Shit Robot Remix

Reactions to some recent news

I’ve been feeling sort of angsty today due to various stupid reasons and while reading some news on the bus I felt compelled to get some of it out but these are sort of not-for-Facebook ideas so I’m dusting off the old blog. Ironic that I feel safer sharing “controversial” things on a public blog than I do on a non-public Facebook page. On to my rants…

1. Silk Road website creator gets life term for drug plot
I can’t believe this guy got life in prison. I get that illegal stuff happened there, but to me this crime pales in comparison to so many things lately that people have gotten away with completely (e.g. Wall Street financial crisis, George Zimmerman, various police officers across the country, etc.). I completely agree with the defense’s position that “in contrast to the government’s portrayal of the Silk Road website as a more dangerous version of a traditional drug marketplace,” the website “was in many respects the most responsible such marketplace in history.” I’m skeptical of the claims that the guy took out hits on people, too. I also think it’s stupid that parents of people who died of overdoses were involved with this case and testified during sentencing.

2. Putin Accuses US of Meddling Into FIFA Affairs
I hate to agree with Vladimir Putin about anything, but I sort of think he has a point here. I understand the argument as to why the corruption is a bad thing and has real-world consequences (outside of sports), but why does the United States have to file the lawsuit? Soccer is a bigger deal in nearly every other country in the world yet we’re the ones bringing this lawsuit? I hate to say but it only bolsters the claims made by Putin and IS that the US is trying to control the world. (That said, I doubt that the US is doing this in an attempt to take the 2018 World Cup away from Russia.)

3. The Duggars
I find this whole situation extremely offensive. What other group but a religious group would harbor a child molester while continually bashing gay people. I’m not the first to say it, but ironic that people who insist that gay people are dangerous to children (brainwashing, sexual abuse, etc.) are in fact the ones who are literally dangerous to children.