May 2015 Chart

I always worry that my charts are entirely predictable and that I just recycle the same artists and producers and remixers over and over. While this one has some frequent contributors (Copycat, Designer Drugs, Leo Zero), I’m happy to say that most of the artists are new to my own private chartland. I wish I could say I had some highlights, but again this is another solid list of great new music. I’ve rated all of them four-stars.

Artist Song Name Remixer
Blur Thought I Was A Spaceman
I love the new Blur album. It reminds me of their later stuff (13 and Think Thank) which I love.
C.A.R. Idle Eyes rRoxymore Remix
Hotlane Dirt on the Sidetracks
Love the vocalists voice here — totally hypnotizing. This song has a great creepy vibe.
Manics High Floors Designer Drugs remix
I always look to Designer Drugs for shiny, bouncy, uptemp remixes. They don’t disappoint.
Passion Pit Five Foot Ten (I)
Such a cheesy/poppy song but I love it. It feels innocent.
The Sweeps The Last Dream A Copycat Remix
Okay I feel like I include A Copycat remix pretty much every chart, but I think I try to hold back on ’em a bit. When I heard this song I was like, “This is excellent… and I bet Copycat remixed it.” Turns out he did. So of course it’s excellent. (Spoiler alert: There is already a Copycat remix on the June chart.)
Underworld vs. Heller & Farley Baby Wants To Ride 12″ mix
Cover/remake of the Frankie Knuckles amazing original.
Brandon Flowers Still Want You
Another much more upbeat/happy song than I’d usually include, but as soon as I heard it the song grabbed me. Maybe my favorite song on this chart…
Chimes and Bells The Mole Trentemøller remix
Hot Chip Why Make Sense?
Sad to say that I’ve been slightly disappointed with the new Hot Chip album Why Make Sense? So far this is the only track that really stands out for me. I’ll keep listening in hopes it’s one of those albums that grows on you.
The Chemical Brothers Sometimes I Feel So Deserted
So excited for their new album. The Chemical Brothers were one of the first electronic groups I loved.
Anoraak Odds Are Good
From the The Orange Collection, the latest “[color name] Collection” compilation from one of my favorite record labels: Eskimo Recordings.
Bomb the Bass Boy Girl Leo Zero remix
Drake x Beyoncé Can I
There are many versions of this demo floating around. So far my favorite is 3m26sec — it has since been taken down. Regardless of the demos, I think we can be fairly confident that the final track will be as awesome as the two artists collaborating to make it.
Prinzhorn Dance School Reign Shit Robot Remix

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