April 2015 Chart

Nice mix of songs again this month — glad I’m over that under-10 slump that was going on during the winter. As per usual, a lot of familiar names. The new Tame Impala song “Let It Happen” is easily my new favorite song. I’m disappointed that there aren’t many music videos, but so it goes.

Artist Song Name Remixer
Above & Beyond We’re All We Need
Yes, thank c89.5 for this song.
Flowers and Sea Creatures Citadel
Throwing Snow Lumen
Jamie xx Loud Places (feat. Romy)
This samples Stars on 33’s “I Feel The Music In Your Heart” — one of my favorite songs.
Bluehost Tonight Xinobi Remix
Chromatics In Films
Tame Impala Let It Happen
First 5-star song in a while. I cannot stop listening to it. I love the last quarter of the song — that heavy guitar. Such a great song.
Arches New Love (Feat. Karen Harding)
Kasper Bjørke Bette Davis Eyes (feat. Jacob Bellens)
Another month, another Kasper Bjørke song.
Marina & The Diamonds Froot
Ellen Allien Butterfly Aux 88’s Electric Butterfly remix
WhoMadeWho Dreams The Hacker Remix
Skream Still Lemonade Redshape Remix
Étienne de Crécy Sunset (feat. Tom Burke)
Du Tonc Animals Extended Mix

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