Time To Make Progress?

It’s day three and I haven’t even hit 1000 words. As I wrote yesterday, I’m having a tough time getting to the action. I have tons of ideas but not sure how to execute them.

This morning I spent about 15 minutes writing out one-line descriptions of some of the major events I want to cover in part one. I hope this is good progress because now I just have to go flesh out those sections.

I think Part One will focus on the mother of the main character. She’s very religious and conservative (but I want to avoid making her a caricature or unsympathetic). For over ten years now I’ve wanted to do something involving The Binding of Isaac so I have plans to incorporate that into Part One.

Overall I’m feeling better about the direction of things today than I did yesterday. Tonight is writing with coworkers so hopefully I’ll make some serious progress.

One thought on “Time To Make Progress?”

  1. Creative thought takes time to process. You should feel good about your progress even if you aren’t hitting the word count that you hoped to achieve.

    I’m very interested in how you angle the religious mother. You have my attention!

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