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Because I go to a lot of concerts I feel like I’m in a position to have some thoughts and opinions on how people should act at shows. Last night I went to see Scissor Sisters at Showbox Sodo (still my least favorite venue ever) and a lot of people in the crowd frustrated me and my friends. That is when I decided I needed to write down some rules.

In no particular order:

  1. If you are one of those really tall people, stand in the back or at the very least, be aware when you are blocking other people’s view. Last night during the DJ opening set we had a great view of the stage. Then the lights dimmed and suddenly this group of 3 tall guys (accompanied with their girlfriends — so that was another issue since this was Scissor Sisters and most of the crowd was gay) came and stood a few rows of people in front of us. I know from listening to the reactions to people around us that we weren’t the only ones pissed off by this.
  2. Don’t just stand there. Remember — you are at a concert. You are supposed to be having fun! I can’t imagine any bands that would love it if the entire audience just stood there. They want people to be into the music and having fun.
  3. … And if you do just stand there: Consider moving to the back. I mean I guess some people don’t like moving/dancing and “just want to hear the music,” but if that’s the case then why are you up in front or in the middle where others want to dance? You are just taking up valuable floor space. If you just want to listen to the music, go to the back where you can be a wallflower.
  4. … And if you do just stand there: Don’t hate on the dancing people!! This is probably my #1 pet peeve. I hate it when people stand there without moving then give people like me (who really get into dancing/moving) dirty looks like we’re out of control. (Granted, people who get too crazy [which I admit I’ve done before] are not good, but there are usually only a few of them at a given show.) Here’s the thing: Us dancing/moving people make the show fun! If everyone stood around giving dirty looks like those people who stand there, the concert would undoubtedly suck. We are the ones keeping it alive, sharing our energy, feeding off the band’s energy, etc.
  5. If people are moving through the crowd, let them through even if there isn’t room around you. Last night there was this woman in front of us who stood her ground and wouldn’t budge any time someone tried to get through. I admit that it’s annoying when you have a good spot and people try to weasel their way in front of you. But think of the crowd like a living organism or something. Or water. It ebbs and flows. Also: I tend to notice that people who don’t let others through are the aforementioned boring people who just stand there.
  6. Show the opening band some love. Even if you don’t know them or don’t like them, don’t talk really loud during their set or boo or shit like that. Usually the headlining band has a say in or chooses the opener, so there is probably something good about them. I’ve seen some awesome opening bands in my day and learned about a bunch of new artists (Presets, Walter Meego… now I’m blanking on others) so give ’em a try. (Unless they are Champagne Champagne and opening before MEN and Gossip — they did really suck).

So there is my basic list. What am I missing? Let me know. I think if you follow or are aware of the above rules, you will have an awesome time and so will those around you.

2 thoughts on “Jason’s Concert Rules”

  1. Hi Jason,

    Love your rules and was at last night’s show. There were a lot of grumpy folks, but some were really getting pushed around. Overall, a super-fun night. I was in about the 3rd row front and was repeatedly steamrolled by 400lb+ guys and punched over and over in the back by a dancing girl, who also grinded all over me and my friend trying to make us mad so we would let her move to the front. No. So, I am all about dancing but wasn’t into the abuse.
    PS Don’t hate on the straight girls. We love SS too. I am a friend of Jake’s/Jason’s from high school and had every right to be there too.
    I got a good laugh out of your rules! 🙂

  2. yah i guess that should be the next rule then — dancing is great but keep it yourself (or your friends i suppose).

    and totally no hating on straight girls — it was their boyfriends (very TALL boyfriends!) who i had issues with.

    so cool that you know him from high school! and yah it weas a great show and i’m glad you got the tongue-in-cheek humor of the rules, too 🙂

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