December 2009 Chart

I know I’m about 2 weeks late on this (I promise January 2010’s chart will be posted on January 22 as it should be), but I got all caught-up/stressed out in the end-of-the-year/end-of-the-decade stuff and have been ruminating on too much lately. This is the first of three music-related posts. Coming soon: Music 2009 and Music 2000s.

Some notes:
I recently watched Mama Mia! so that’s why Lay All Your Love On Me was included. Who knew I was a huge Abba fan?! I started loving Memories when Kid Cudi performed it live when I saw him in early December. I heard Fascination in the Ugly Betty episode “The Bahamas Triangle.” Finally, I find it odd/disturbing the remixes of both (Don’t Fear) The Reaper and No Time come from compilations that were created so that Bacardi (for Reaper) and Scion automobiles (No Time) could connect with the “young, cool” kids…

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