I Hope FFXIII Comes Out In 2009

Final Fantasy XIII screenshot
MSNBC has a list “Top 5 most anticipated games of 2009” and Final Fantasy XIII somehow makes the list. I’d love to hope that it will come out in 2009, but I’m pretty skeptical.

I’ve been a fan of Final Fantasy games since I first started playing the original Final Fantasy during elementary school. I got a Playstation just so I could play FF7, FF8, and FF9 (and then the re-releases of FF4 and FF6), then I got a Playstation 3 so I could play the PS2-only FF10 and FF12 and since I knew FF13 would eventually come out on PS3, and finally I got a Nintendo DS last month just so I could re-play the updated FF4. So needless to say, when it comes to video games, I’m a Final Fantasy fanatic. It’s basically the only video game series that I really play regularly and repeatedly.

So I’ve been following the latest news on FF13. And just last week I read news that there isn’t going to be a FF13 demo for North America. Additionally, since FF13 is going to be PS3 and Xbox 306 over here (and contrary to MSNBC’s statement that “Widely regarded as the most influential role-playing franchise on consoles, the latest “Final Fantasy” is scheduled to arrive on PS3 this year (and later on Xbox 360),” I’ve heard/read that it will be a simultaneous release), it won’t be released here for quite a while after it comes out in Japan. And considering there isn’t even an official Japanese release date, I really doubt I’ll get to see it in 2009.

Thank you, MSNBC, for being optimistic… but I’m afraid you anticipation might be for nothing… but there is always 2010.

Update: Pretty much right after I posted this, PS3 Fanboy confirmed: “Final Fantasy XIII won’t hit global market until at least April 2010.” That sucks!

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