Blast FLU The Past

With all of the recent media hype about the swine flu, I’m reminded of a post I did wayyyy back in 2005: “How To Stop The Avian Flu.”

Basically, my argument is:

So if leaders around the world were truly concerned about a global outbreak and honestly wanted to do everything in their power to prevent it, perhaps they would suggest that we instate a moratorium on eating poultry until scientists have a chance to get a better understanding of the virus and/or the avian flu epidemic among the birds subsides.

People always like to blame sex for mass diseases and epidemics (e.g. syphilis and AIDS), but in the past 4 years we’ve been warned of flu pandemics and both have been related to the meat industry. AIDS rates have, for the most part, declined since the 1980s due to people altering their sexual activities.

But, again, I haven’t heard anyone talk about giving up meat or changing their behaviors. The blame here is on the meat industry that people so happily support during non-flu times.

And, again, I predict that as there are more people on this planet and more people eating more meat (especially in cultures which previously didn’t eat as much meat but have been influenced by American/European eating habits), these meat industry-caused various strain of flu “epidemics” are only going to be more common and probably more serious.

Let’s stop eating meat, people!

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