Touché is Fake Blood!!

Fake Blood logo
Somehow I missed the memo when the whole “Who is Fake Blood!?” question was answered! I don’t know how I did, but it looks like it’s been confirmed that Touché is indeed Fake Blood.

Fake Blood has probably been my favorite DJ/remixer of 2008. His choppy remixes with the signature “Fake Blood” callout have been awesome. A quick Hype Machine search for “fake blood” will give you a bunch of goodies.

Or you can “listen” to the songs via YouTube. My favorites (in order) are:

  1. Fake Blood’s remix of Little Boots’ “Stuck On Repeat” (seriously: this is probably the #1 track of 2008!)
  2. Fake Blood’s remix of The Kills’ “Cheap and Cheerful”
  3. Fake Blood’s remix of The Black Ghosts’ “Anyway You Choose To Give It”
  4. Fake Blood’s remix of Armand van Helden’s “I Want Your Soul” (and you gotta love the sampling of Siedah Garrett’s “Do You Want It Right Now”)

Also be sure to check out the “Splashing Blood” (The Fake Blood Theme Song), which I don’t love as much as his remixes.

As for Touché, I hate to admit I don’t know much/don’t have much by him. Time for some research!

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