I Am No Longer An Atheist

Anyone wanna guess what I now consider myself?

Okay, fine. I still don’t believe in any sort of god or religion or have any ambiguous feelings about either. In a way, I have upgraded from being an atheist to an anti-theist!

What does this mean? To me, an atheist is someone who just doesn’t believe in the existence of god. After talking to a bunch of friends (religious and atheist), I realized that not only do I not believe in god, but I actually think believe in god and/or religion is bad and I am against it.

Sometime in the future I’ll probably elaborate on why I feel this way. It’s more than “religion has caused a lot of bad things to happen” and “science is better than religion”-type arguments, I assure you.

(And yes, I was introduced to this term via Christopher Hitchens and his book [which I recently read] God is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. And no, I do not think the book brainwashed me. If anything, it gave me a better vocabulary to explain how I feel about religion.)

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