Final Step of Evolution = Creating a New Reality?

The television show Heroes got me to thinking about the evolution of humans. At one point in the unaired poilot, Mohinder talks about constant minute changes in the human genome and suggest that teleportation, etc. might not be that far off.

But really, so far as I know, the “biological” aspect of a living organism doesn’t really have the ability to affect things at that sort of (I don’t know if this is the correct term?) sub-atomic level. Teleportation, if scientists ever figure it out, is, I would imagine, extremely complicated and will probably involve lots of machines and whatnot to accomplish. I somehow doubt that if we ever do learn how to teleport, that it would involve any sort of manipulation of DNA or something of that sort.

What I am wondering is what if the definition of “evolving the ability to teleport” actually means that humankind creates an artifical world and basically wires everyone into that world (a la The Matrix) and so that new world where the laws of science and physics allow humans to teleport replaces the “old” world.

This idea also came to me via an interview on Countdown With Keith Olberman the other week. Basically, this philosopher/scientist named Nick Bostrom supports this idea (and it’s nothing new, of course) called the simulation hypothesis which suggests that our entire reality could be a “game” or “creation” or something of that sort of a creature who may in turn have multiple worlds and/or lives in a society where others may have multiple worlds.

So my question is: What if the final step of evolution is evolving out of the need to evolve? That is, instead of progressing our human mids/bodies we replace everything we know and create a world where we can continue to evolve without the constraints of the universe we inhabit. For all we know, our existence right now is the evolution of previous beings whose universe had sub-atomic particules with completely different traits than those in our current reality.

Something to think about, eh?

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