Darwin’s Nightmare

One of the ways in which Darwin’s work has been (mis?)interpreted is that the stonger/better species will evolve while the lesser/weaker species will go extinct (i.e. natural selection). This idea has been somewhat perverted and combined with economic theory to come up with the whole survival of the fittest justification that has been used to especially stigmatize and deny help for poor and oppressed people around the world throughout history. Basically, survival of the fittest says that one’s surroundings and external forces have little or no effect on one’s success in life and that one’s perservarane and hard work is what gets them ahead and out of trouble.

The documentary Darwin’s Nightmare takes an extreme case of Darwin’s theory of natrual selection and explores the way it affects not just the surviving species, but the entire world (in a way).

There are too many details for me to really go into the documentary in-depth, but what I really liked about it was that the documentary didn’t really place any “blame” for the current situation in Tanzania. Some might fault the documentary for this — what would the point be without telling us what we can do? But I usually feel that understanding the complexity of an issue is much more important than finding a quick, simple solution.

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