Breaking Up With The Klaxons?

Last night I saw the Klaxons for the second time.

The first show was fun but very short. I convinced two of my best friends to come with, and they were not very impressed. When the Klaxons rolled in to town again (last night) neither of them were interested in seeing them again.

Now I sort of wish I didn’t see them again, too.

The thing is, I absolutely love their album Myths of the Near Future and I love the remixes of their songs even more — and therein lies the problem, I think. My first experiences with the Klaxons were via the remixes that Van She (for “Gravity’s Rainbow”), Digitalism (for “Atlantis to Interzone”), and Simian Mobile Disco (for “Magick”) did for the Klaxons.

From the begining, for me, Klaxons were more of an electronic/dance band… but in reality, they are more of a pop/punk band. When you are expecting beeps and bleeps and glitches and loops, guitars and drums are somewhat jarring.

This really makes me sad since I’ve been saying since late 2006 that I thought the Klaxons were going to be The Best Band of 2007. They still might be, but probably not for me…

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