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I know I may be slow to the trend, but I’ve recently discovered the joy of mp3 blogs. Now, every day, I check two sites and load up on promotional songs and rare remixes. It’s been great.

My current favorite is The Prettiest Pony. From this blog, I’ve managed to get a whole bunch of really awesome remixes (from the likes of MSTRKRFT [the guys in Death From Above 1979], Thin White Duke/Jacques Lu Cont/Stuart Price, Linus Loves, and many others). I have no idea where this person gets the tracks, but they are great. I’ve discovered bands such as The Knife, Shit Robot, and Services. Some of my recent favorites from The Prettiest Pony are:

In addition to The Prettiest Pony, the other site I check daily is bigstereo. This site doesn’t have as many remixes, but it does have promo tracks by up-and-coming artists. I’ve learned about bands like The Tough Alliance and Infadels from bigstereo. Also, and this is what endeared the site to my heart, it posted the Simian Mobile Disco remix of The Go! Team’s “Ladyflash.” Though it didn’t give us the Kevin Shields remix (I’ll buy the single just for that), it’s cool to get an interesting sneak peak.

For Salon.com premium subscribers, there is also Audiofile, which provides a download-a-day as well. There is lots of great music here (and well worth the cost of a Salon subscription!) such as Cat Power, Death From Above 1979, the Eels, Belle & Sebestian, Animal Collective, etc. A lot of the stuff is from bands I haven’t heard of, so this is potentially a great place to discover new music. Also, not all of these mp3s are Audiofile exclusives, but it saves the time of searching the web. My “best find” here has been “Grass” by Animal Collective (since I still haven’t bought that album…). Salon’s favorites are at The Best Downloads of 2005.

Another place to find free MP3s, though not daily, is the Vice Records (Bloc Party, Annie, Death from Above 1979, The Streets) blog Up Your Jaxxy. According to the site, new songs will be posted every two months. I highly recommend checking out the first submission, Bloc Party’s “Two More Years” (MSTRKRFT remix). The song is already somewhat of a rarity (only available on a two-song single), so it’s cool to hear the remix.

And finally, if you are still hunting for MP3 by bands that haven’t released albums yet, My Space can be your friend. After hearing The Young Sportsmen on kexp a while ago, I’ve been trying to find their song “Under the Rocks and the Stars.” Lime Wire wasn’t helpful, nor was Amazon since they didn’t have an album out yet, but when I checked out the The Young Horsemen My Space profile, I was able to download songs from the My Space music player.

Hopefully these sites, and others I’m sure (comment with your recommendations!) will keep your iPods full and cravings for new music satisfied. I know they have helped me.

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