A Desperate Prediction

Bree and Justin (and Andrew)
Even though I read stuff like SpoilerFix and this hasn’t showed up, I’m predicting that on Desperate Housewives when it comes down to the Bree vs. Andrew storyline (for those not familiar or caught-up with the show, Bree’s son Andrew is trying to become emancipated because she’s conservative and somewhat homophobic), Andrew’s boyfriend Justin (who determined he was gay after he madeout with Gabrielle Soleiz and didn’t feel a thing for her) is going to come to Bree’s defense.

Why would Justin want to date someone as evil and scheming as Andrew? Sure, Bree hasn’t been the best mother to him, but Andrew is getting downright evil now. In Sunday’s episode he told Bree that if she didn’t let him go, he would accuse her of sexually molesting him as a child. Yes, Andrew may be hot, but that wears off after a while. You can tell in the scene after Andrew threatens Bree when Justin turns around, his sympathies are with Bree, not his boyfriend.

So I am predicting that whenever this storyline resolves itself, that Justin will somehow intervene and testify against Andrew on Bree’s behalf or something like that. The gays are good people (despite what Andrew may lead people to believe), and I think in the end Justin will come through.

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