20 Centimeters

20 Centimeters
From the description on the SIFF web site, I was very excited to see 20 Centimeters:

Reminiscent of the Almodovar style and grounded by an amazing performance by Mónica Cervera, this bittersweet musical comedy is about a narcoleptic transvestite prostitute who longs to rid herself of the 20 centimeters hanging between her legs. She finds a refuge in her dreams where she is transformed into a seductive song-and-dance sensation.

Almodovar! Narcoleptic! Transvestite! Sounded great to me!

… Unfortunately, it wasn’t. The film didn’t have the smartness that an Almodovar movie has, and I felt like the narcolepsy and transvestitism (and for that matter, the “dwarf” best friend) were there for “freak factor” more than anything else. (Not to say that transvestitism wasn’t a main theme of the movie, but still…)

The only thing this film had going for it, as far as I’m concerned, was the musical numbers. And of those, the only one that really sticks in my mind is the dream sequence involving Madonna’s song “True Blue.” It envisioned what married life would be like — babies, horny/cheating husbands, funerals, etc. The sequence was great, and I almost recommend seeing the movie just for that.

Otherwise, the film follows Marieta, a woman who has a 20 centimeter (i.e. 7.8 inch) dick, which she wants to get rid of. She works as a prostitute but eventually gets a job as a man (since that was on her identification card) doing janitorial work. Along the way she meets a hunk of a guy who loves her for her penis and loves to bottom out for her even more. Things don’t work out with him, however, since he is too passive for her.

Like I said, this movie really didn’t impress me and I gave it only two stars. I would’ve given it one, but the “True Blue” part was so entertaining that I felt that aspect of the film needed to be rewarded.

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