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Well, SIFF is over. It’s sad. My movie-watching will now return back to Netflix. I realized that I really do like watching in the privacy of my own home (without tall people’s heads infront of me, the stink of popcorn, uncomfortable temperatures, etc.). Nonetheless, I’m totally glad I did SIFF and I intend to continue seeing SIFF movies as long as I live in Seattle.

As for the Secret Festival, I’m not sure whether I’ll do it again next year. I only liked one of the four movies. I think the philosophy behind choosing the movies wasn’t quite what I expected. Maybe that varies year-to-year — I can’t say. We’ll see what I impulsively decide next year.

Throughout the festival I kept some “statistics” on random things. To conclude my SIFF coverage for the year, I share:

  • Total money spent on tickets:
  • Total time spent standing in line:
    155 minutes = 2 hours 35 minutes
  • Total movies seen:
  • Languages:
    Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, English, Swedish, French
  • Movies with subtitles:
  • Movies canceled:
  • Movies about movies:
  • Times the director was in the audience:
  • Total voting points given:
  • Average points given:
  • Times the woman with orange/red hair stood behind me:
  • Times people left the audience in disgust:
  • Movies with Maggie Cheung in the cast:
  • Movies with Don McKellar in the cast:
  • My favorite movie:
  • My favorite movie that wasn’t a Wong Kar-Wai movie:
    Mysterious Skin
  • My favorite movie that stood a chance against a WKW movie (i.e. 2046) and a movie by one of my favorite directors with one of my favorite actors (i.e. Mysterious Skin):
  • My favorite movie that didn’t stand a chance against the aforementioned movies because it was a comedy (and I’m not a big fan of comedy, but this movie was awesome anyway):
    Ellie Parker
  • Fat people who blocked my view:
  • Movies seen at the Egyptian Theatre:
  • Movies seen at the Neptune Theatre:
  • Movies seen at the Harvard Exit Theatre:
  • My favorite theatre:
    The Egyptian
  • Movies I went to see alone:

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