Pretentious Cookies

Milanos Cookies
No offense to all who love those Pepperidge Farm cookies, but I really think that they are quite possibly the most pretentious food ever created. I’ve never liked them and I’ve always thought that they were way overpriced. I especially hate the Milano cookies. The Chocolate Chunk cookies are semi-decent, but still overpriced and pretentious.

3 thoughts on “Pretentious Cookies”

  1. I agree that they are over-riced, but I like the tasty double stuff Milanos–the ones that are Orange-Chocolate or Raspberry-Chocolate or whatever. I refuse to buy them unless they are on sale, From time to time, QFC does a 2/$4 thing that is totally worth it.

  2. Compared to Oreos or other cookies, they don’t cost much more. And they taste so much better. Maybe it’s a name brand thing, like clothing. Anyway, they’re on sale this week at QFC. I’m stocking up.

  3. I can’t stomach them either. What happened to yummy, freshly-baked, cookies instead of pre-packaged, expensive, imitations? The Mutilation of Cookies as we know it.

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