Pervert in the Coffin

FYI — I finished reading Perfevert in the Pulpit. I’ve concluded that I’m horribly lazy when it comes to this idea of “blogging the book,” as I’ve only managed to do notes on the first chapter of the book. Oh well. I do intend to get notes about the rest, it just may take a while.

Now that I’m done with that book, and since the last few books I’ve read (two volumes of the History of Sexuality) were theory/philosophy-based, and since my friend Brook read The Handmaid’s Tale based on my recommendation and now I owe reading a book she recommends, I’m going to be starting an infinite journey reading Infinite Jest: A Novel. This book is a massive 1088 pages and, I’m guessing, will take me a few months to read if I maintain my normal reading schedule.

That said, I will not be “blogging” this book. Wish me luck.

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