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I’m not sure how “known” this is, but as far as I am concerned, this blog still isn’t “live” or “official” yet. When I decided to start blogging again back in April, I guess I didn’t make this explicit, but it’s sorta been something I’ve known.

What does this mean? I’m not sure. But I do know that one of the first steps to making Double Reading “official” was to come up with a new and completely different design. So I can now check that off of the list.

I swear, I have been stressing out about the design since I started in April. I have folders upon folders on my hard drive with all my attempts at coming up with something I would be happy with. I learned a lot about Photoshop on the way here, and drew inspiration from a lot of places. Eventually I will get a page (the colophon) that will describe the process a little more in depth.

So where does that leave things as far as becoming “official” and open to the public? Pretty damn close. I want to write up that colophon mentioned above, get some sort of “About Jason” page written up (photos included!), tweak the design a little more (I already see a few things I want to change/improve)… and then it might actually be time.

Please please please give me feedback on the new design. Just don’t say, “It’s too busy.” I intentionally decided to go with a “maximalist” look rather than the trendy minimalist/clean design (though I do think that below the header things are pretty clean).

3 thoughts on “New Design”

  1. I really like the new design. Specifically, I like the use of dotted lines for links and vertical dotted lines for blockquotes.

    The top of the page feels like a collage (via photoshop?); very dark in theme (which, of course, I like).

    The calendar feature at the top of the sidebar isn’t working for me (MAC-only issue?). I tried September, too, with no luck.

    Congrats on the new design, Jason!

  2. Yeah, I may kill that calendar. It’s very error-prone, I’ve noticed (it’s a javascript-related issue, I think).

    Also, Ahe pointed out to me that the submit button on the comments field had a tendency to disappear. I’ve fixed that, so now comment-posting should be possible, again.

  3. Ah, finally. I was going to say that I enjoy the new layout. I generally dislike “busy” pages or anything complicated, really (as evidenced by the painful plainness of my own blog), but I like that the picture is the bckground an the foreground of the bog text is straightforward and easy to read. I am not sure how I feel about the font–it’s a bit cute for my tsates.

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