Go J.R. Ewing!

J.R. Ewing
While trying to find an article that fleshes out the similarities between the evil J.R. Ewing from the television series Dallas, I found this article: “Larry Hagman slams US president over Iraq.” Dude, Larry Hagman (who played J.R. on Dallas) is fucking hard-core!

Look at this quote:

JR Ewing in the Dallas series, said Bush was a “sad figure: not too well educated, who doesn’t get out of America much. He’s leading the country towards facism.” … When asked whether Bush would appreciate his accusation, Hagman replied: “It’s all the same to me, he wouldn’t understand the word facism anyway.”

So yeah, Larry Hagman basically called the president a facist. Daaaamn!

One thought on “Go J.R. Ewing!”

  1. Hagman seems to have looked through Bush. I doubt Hagman did say that for no reason. Hagmans words warmed me, a famous person with courage to say what he thinks of Bush. Hagman was a wise old man when he made that statement.

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