Doesn’t She Look a Lot Like…

Julia Roberts in Ocean's 12
I won’t say much about Ocean’s 12, mostly because there isn’t much to say. The film is fun and has a bunch of twists at the end that make you go, “Oooohhh,” but for the most part the film is just a basic action/suspense movie. (Though, to be fair, Steven Soderbergh is a genius filmmaker and the movie has a lot of interesting intertextual moments that make it more intriguing then your basic mainstream blockbuster.)

My favorite part of the movie, and the only part that necessitates a post from me, is the scene where Julia Roberts, playing the character Tess, “plays” Julia Roberts in order to get into an art museum. She runs into Bruce Willis, “playing” Bruce Willis, and ultimately her cover is blown.

I just have to say that the idea of an actor playing a character playing that actor is totally awesome. It’s a perfect example of redoubling and, if you want to get really deep, brings the question of identity into the light. Are we really ourselves or are we ourselves playing an idea of ourselves? It’s a total circular question, and no, Ocean’s 12 doesn’t really address this as much as I suggest, but nonetheless, it’s fun to see Julia Roberts doing something sorta unconventional/artsy.

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  1. Haha, have you ever heard of the idea of META?

    Meta is very hard to breakthrough in computer science, especially in the field of AI. Human brains are amazing for being able to keep track of so many different layers of data.

    Other examples related to your post are:

    The guy who Austin Power hit during the movie when he said, “Why don’t you lie down, you don’t even have a name!”

    The movie Bewitched, it’s a movie about the actress of the remake of the show. So there’s a show within the movie.

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