Another CD Buying Binge

I really need to stop myself, but after seeing Childstar last night, I went to Tower Records (well, first I went to American Apparel and bought two shirts) and picked up eight CDs… and it only cost me like $35 (though a lot were singles). Somehow they had some massive clearance thing on a bunch of the CDs, and then there were a few CDs I’ve been wanting for a long time in the “just in” bin, so I couldn’t help myself:

  • “Nothing Really Matters” single by Madonna
  • “Sparks” single by Röyksopp
  • “Insomnia” single by Faithless
  • Camber Sands EP by Fatboy Slim
  • The Pimp EP by Fatboy Slim
  • Uh Huh Her by PJ Harvey
  • Echoes by the Rapture
  • We Love Life by Pulp

The really shitty thing is that my iPod is totally maxed out. After putting Demon Days on, I have only 18 MB left (and for the past 4 months, every time I add music I have to delete a bunch). I’m not sure what to do. Since a lot of the CDs are singles and I just wanted some of the remixes (especially the Kruder and Dorfmeister remix of “Nothing Really Matters”), I probably won’t put many of these new CDs on my iPod. The whole thing is silly. I’m such a junkie.

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